October 24, 2016 06:32 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Ranjha Vikram Singh, who recently debuted as the lead actor male in the Punjabi Film 25 Kille, who has also worked in the Bollywood film Heropanti and has done some famous South Indian films such as ‘Rana Vikrama’, 'Rebel' and ‘Manadhil Maayam Seidhai (MMS). After the success of his first Punjabi film, 25 Kille, Ranjha Vikram has already started shooting for his next film ‘Motor Mitran Di’ and has got many other projects in the pipeline.Seeing his commitments towards his work, many brands have approached him to associate him with their brands. On the same when he was asked about his opinion on endorsing any brand he added, “When it is about endorsing with brands, I would not only like to get associated with brands but also where social causes are concerned.  I feel that brand endorsements as well as associating oneself to social causes are equally important for any actor or celebrity for that matter. Somewhere down the line such endorsements do contribute to your success rate and visibility as a face in the industry. Associating myself to any brand or to any social cause, I would be more than happier doing it. But yes, where a brand is concerned in particular, I would like to endorse the brand as truly as possible. I would not like to keep my audience in the dark, as when endorsing a brand, the trust people have in us is also being endorsed along with. So I would try to be very honest about the product because that is what I have seen and learnt from all my seniors in the industry.”

Ranjha Vikram has pulled up his socks to rock the screen, be it through films or even endorsements for that matter through social causes and brands. He feels that for any actor, the more and more options he or she explores, that leads in creating a stronger base for their careers and so he also believes in grabbing all the opportunities coming his way so that he earns an enriching experience for himself. He believes that these opportunities would knock your door only when you prove yourself at the work front and you are committed towards your work serves as a ladder to reach the opportunities.  

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