November 20, 2016 08:57 PM

 Chandigarh (Face2News)

Kissan Goshthees at CII Agro Tech emphasizes on the importance of local cattle breeds

On the second day of CII Agro Tech 2016 Kisan Goshthees took off with a session on Sustainable Dairy Farming through Indigenous Breeds. The session was held for the betterment of the farmers through enhancing productivity in dairy farming and witnessed a huge turnout of Dairy farmers. Industry experts including Gurmeet Singh Bhatia, Vice Chairman, CII Punjab State Council; Dr. Inderjit Singh, Director, Dairy Punjab Dairy Dev. Board; Prof P K Uppal, Advisor, Animal Husbandry, Punjab; Dr. R K Singh, Former Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izatnagar; Dr Inderjit Singh, Director, Central Institute of Research on Buffalos, Hisar; Mr. B Venu Gopal, Ankush; Mr. MP Yadav, President, Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologist, Immunologists and Specialists and Ms. Caroline Thedens, MD, PLATTS, UK, spoke on how dairy farming can benefit from the indigenous breeds and shared their expertise in their respective areas.    Mr Gurmeet Singh Bhatia, Vice Chairman, CII Punjab State Council emphasized on how the global warming is increasing by the day which is adversely affecting cattle. Due to the change in weather, humidity and temperature it is the need of the hour to understand the importance of indigenous breeds which can resist such variations in temperature. He says, “The temperature in Rajasthan is dissimilar from the temperature in the border areas of Punjab. In fact there is a huge diversity in the temperatures in every nook and corner of the country and it is going to get worst in the years to come with the depletion of Ozone layer and the speed of deforestation. In such a situation it has become necessary for us to understand the strength of indigenous breeds and how can we promote dairy breeds.”  

Prof P K Uppal, Advisor, Animal Husbandry, Punjab made a point that the Indian breeds of cows and buffalos can withstand the hot and cold temperatures in the country and that there is a need to rediscover the lucrative and yielding breeds of India to sustain the dairy farming. It is worth mentioning here that spate of cross-breeding that has happened in the four decades has brought to extinction some of the excellent breeds of our Indian indigenous cattle. In fact some of the breeds are nearly on the brink of extinction. Dr. R K Singh, Former Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izatnagar, accentuated on the importance of cows in dairy farming. He said, “Cows have been an integral part of the human life since the Indus Valley Civilisation. It is not just a sacred animal but with more than 40 breeds it is one of the largest registered cattle in the country. It eats less and comparatively produces more milk. It produces the A2 type milk which is considered rich for healthy life.”The session was well attended by dairy farmers and witnessed lot of queries and discussions from interested dairy farmers.

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