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Chandigarh (Kulbir Singh Kalsi)

While to talking to media persons Mr. Yograj Singh and film director Amitoj, said we are not afraid of thread, cricism and targetted by some deras followers and film is set to release on December 30. 

This is a comedy portraying the antics of three brothers – Paaji, Rajveer and Ravi who get involved in a situation which exposes the truth of dera babas and the events happening in their ashrams in Punjab.The eldest brother – Paaji is a misogynist (he hates women). He has an over active imagination and always thinks of everything in an extreme manner. His younger brother Rajveer is a lazy, good for nothing, perpetually in search of a good job. Binding them together is the third brother Ravi who is actually their maasi’s son. He loves both the brothers, respects and obeys Paaji but also gets swayed over by Rajveer’s mad cap ideas.Paaji and Ravi run a garage as their livelihood whereas Rajveer’s search for a good job often takes him to different towns. One day Rajveer brings a scheme to Ravi wherein they remodel a broken down bus in their garage into a travel and tours bus. According to him, they would drive this bus along various routes thus making a lot of money through their passengers. As usual Ravi is completely convinced and he persuades Paaji to get onboard. Then Rajveer gets the bus into a contract with a much loved and powerful babaji – whose disciples are moving towards the hills for the summer. Some of the disciples including two of the babas main guys – Swami and Deepak, travel by Paaji’s bus and their baggage is put on top of the bus. That night whilst driving Ravi has to break for some reason and everyone is shocked to see a girl’s body under the wheels. 

While to talking to media persons Mr. Yograj Singh and film director Amitoj, said we are not afraid of thread, cricism and targetted by some deras followers and film is set to release on December 30. 

Here begins the comedy of errors. Now the brothers and Swami and Deepak – the two disciples, independent of each other, try to dispose of the body in various places. But somehow the body keeps coming back into the bus.Amazingly and suddenly the girl climbs into their bus alive.Here on, truth about drugs, money laundering and other criminal activities within the baba’s ashram starts unravelling.An absolutely hilarious packed with punch lines and comical situations, this film is a humourous expose about the dera babas / godmen who make their living by duping innocent people and carry on illegal and harmful activities within their ashram all under the garb of religion. Motor Mitraan Di talks about the values of family, loyalty, love and cautions people against being cheated by unscrupulous and corrupt dera babas or godmen who have ruined countless lives.

But says everything with a smile or a laugh..........

AMITOJ MANN: Combining a literary and film background, his father Babu Singh Mann is a renowned poet and lyricist in Punjab and has received five lifetime achievement awards. Amitoj worked with Nadira Babbar’s theatre group EKJUT in Mumbai evolving into becoming an actor and honing his creative talents as a director and writer too.

In 1992, the living legend of Indian cinema Dilip Kumar signed up Amitoj as the hero for his directorial debut film `Kalinga’ opposite Meenakshi Seshadri. Unfortunately the film was not released due to unforeseen circumstances. Amitoj turned his vision from enacting dreams to creating dreams for the silver screen. After directing more than 20 music video albums and winning awards for them, he wrote and directed a Hindi film titled Hawayein. The film emerged from the consequences of the Blue Star Operation and depicted the heart rending aftermath of Mrs Indira Gandhi’s assassination leading to the riots and victimisation of Punjab and its people. This film was the honest exploration of the reasons which led to this angst of the youth of Punjab and the turmoil suffered by their families. It is the only celluloid depiction of this dark chapter of Indian history. Hawayein released in August 2003 and was crtically acclaimed worldwide. Hawayein gathered awards and applause in Canada and created box office history there with record breaking collections and was well received in India too.His tryst with truth oriented movies continued with Kaafila, a film based on the issue of illegal immigration – an issue affecting millions of Indians and Asians. This film is the story of the mad rush of people opting to leave their motherland in search of their Utopian dreams of a better life abroad in Western countries. An intelligent humourous and though provoking film, based on real life experiences of people, it exposes how innocent people are duped by a worldwide nexus of agents showing them dreams of a wonderful life in foreign lands and making them sell their lands homes and livelihood here in a futile pursuit of that dream. The star line up included Sunny Deol, Amitoj Mann, Sudesh Berry, Sana Nawaz and Mona Laizza – both top ranking film and TV actresses of Pakistan respectively and other actors from India and Bulgaria. Kaafila released worldwide in August 2007 and was shot in Mumbai, Punjab, Ladakh and Bulgaria.

His last released film is a Punjabi film Haani – which means your companion. Haani is the story of the true men of the soil the Jats who are defined by their simplicity, honesty, courage, good looks and above all – for honouring their commitments lifelong, be it for love, friendship or even enemity. A romantic saga spanning two generations from 1964 to 2013 Haani tells the story of love, friendship and honour immortalised by commitment. Haani starred Harbhajan Mann, Sarbjit Cheema, Anuj Sachdeva, Mehreen Kaleka, Sonia Mann and others and released on Sept 6, 2013 to worldwide acclaim and success. Haani received five awards at the annual PTC Awards for excellence in Punjabi cinema held on March 3, 2014.His second Punjabi film titled Gadaar – the traitor starring Harbhajan Mann, Manpunit, Girija Shankar and others was a story of one man’s search for the truth to redeem himself. Now readying for a 30 December 2016 release is his third Punjabi film Motor Mitraan Di which is a comedy expose of the self styled Godmen in Punjab. It stars Gurpreet Ghuggi, Happy Raikoti, Vikram Singh Ranjha, Sonia Mann and Yograj Singh.He dreams for a living and his scripts are subjects combining a personal vision with the requirements of a modern and entertaining film thus ensuring a global reach for it.The film Starring Gurpreet Ghuggi, Happy Raikoti, Vikram Singh Ranjha, Sonia Mann and Yograj Singh.Stellar Cast includes Sardar Sohi, Harsharan Singh, Anita Meet, Gurmeet Sajan, PRakash Gadhu, Gurpreet Toti, Jagdeep Lamba, Surinder Angural.

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