December 24, 2016 06:16 PM

Dharamshala (Vijyender Sharma)

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has deliberately hurt horticulture, agriculture and tourism sectors of Himachal Pradesh by imposing demonetisation.  "Modi ji aapne Himachal Pradesh ki 'hat' utaar di, notebandi ne horticulture, agriculture and tourism ko zabardast chot pahounchayi hai (Modi ji, you've ruined Himachal Pradesh's reputation. The note ban has hit horticulture, agriculture and tourism hard)," quoted Rahul as saying at a rally in Police Ground Dharamshala. In Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand and Chattisgarh, on the other hand, the BJP government has taken away adivasis' lands, Rahul alleged. The Congress Vice-President also re-iterated remarks on demonetisation that he made earlier this week: all black money isn't cash, all cash isn't black money, and only 6 per cent of black money in India is in the form of paper money.

He said the note ban was a step against the poor, farmers, and the middle class.Rahul accused the Prime Minister of dividing the country, with the 1 per cent of rich Indians on one side and the middle class and the poor on the other.  Yes the PM has divided the nation into two one side full of black money holders, corrupt and all all wrong doers exploiting the society and the other consisting of law abiding honest citizens, hard w... Read MoreGopalakrishnan KrishnanHe accused the BJP government of taking money from the poor through demonetisation to waive "bad loans given to rich corporates," and said that while the BJP offered laddoos worth Rs 3 to poor people standing in bank queues in Delhi, it had given beleaguered liquor baron Vijay Mallya a ' laddoo' worth Rs 1,200 crore. 

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