December 24, 2016 07:24 PM

Dharamshala (Vijyender Sharma)

With a year left for next assembly elections, the Himachal Congress blew the ‘Bigul’ of massive campaign strategy on completion of its four years in power. The upcoming smart city, Dharamshala which hosted to the ‘Maha Rally’ on Sunday, accorded rousing reception to Vice President, Indian National Congress Shri Rahul Gandhi, who while addressing the public meeting stressed for aggressive push and the strategy to be adopted to bring congress again to power in 2017. Shri Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and his demonetization policy which he said was aimed at benefitting 50 big companies/families so as to assist them in getting their loan waived off which they had borrowed from the public sector banks and didn't repay. 

Rahul Gandhi Said the demonetization of currency aimed at “Gareebon se Paisa Khincho, Amiro ko Seencho”. He also said that the NDA government has hit upon the HAT (Topi) of the people of state meaning thereby, Horticulture, Agriculture and Tourism (HAT)


 He said the sudden surgical strike to curb black money in name of demonetization and cashless economy was aimed to snatch the white money out of the pocket of 99 percent honest people of the country and get the same deposited in the banks for the longer period of time so that the loan amount of 50 families, which comprise one percent of the total population, could be compensated.The reason Shri Rahul Gandhi gave behind the motive of imposing ceiling on withdrawal of money from the banks and of the incompatible ATMs with the new currency was, that the longer the money of the common man was in banks the better time management could be done to benefit one percent, i.e. those 50 families and big industrial houses, who knew about the move much before. The target was to keep money of honest and common people in the banks for next seven to eight months by imposing numerous conditions of withdrawal every day thereby causing inconvenience to the people.Referring to the pre-poll promises of the NDA, Shri Rahul Gandhi said that the people of the country were cheated in the name of bringing money back from Swiss bank accounts and thereafter deposit a sum of Rs. 15 lakh in account of every Indian. He said that the Swiss Government had provided list of those having accounts and the same was admitted in Parliament by one of the Union Minister.

“I fail to understand why Shri Narendra Modiis not revealing the list of all those who are having   Swiss Bank accounts”, said Shri Rahul Gandhi. He sought reply from the Prime Minster in this regard and said being accountable to the people, he should reveal the move behind demonetization.  He said that the Prime Minister can make as much mockery as he can, he does not care, but he should reply to the people of the country the reason behind hiding the names of those who were having Swiss bank accounts.    

He said that one percent of the people were having Black money and that too not all in cash. He said that 6 percent black money was in cash, 94 % invested in real estate, Gold and foreign bank accounts. Shri Narendra Modi didn't target 94 percent those who had black money invested in Gold, real estate, but targeted just six percent who had black money, said Shri Rahul Gandhi. 

Terming the present Union Government as ‘Suit Boot Ki Sarkar’ the INC Vice-President said that 60 percent of money was given in hands of one percent rich people who were close to the Prime Minster,  whereas  the agriculturalists, the small traders ,the housewives and ladies who had small savings were left helpless.  “It was like  a  ‘fire bombing’ worst than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the farmers and horticulturalists of the country particularly for the state like Himachal Pradesh, whose economy rests on Horticulture and Agriculture” he said adding that it was fire bombing on the economy of the country and middle class. 

Terming Himachal Pradesh as Dev Bhumi, he congratulated the state government for completing four successful years in office.  Chief Minister, Shri Virbhadra Singh, while addressing the Congress Maha Rally said that he had been serving the Congress party from last 54 years and had dedicated himself for the service of the people of the State.The rally today was a report card of the development and progress made by the State during the past four years, he said adding that it was the Congress party in the country and well as in State which ensured socio-economic development of the people. He credited the development of the State to successive congress governments.He said that Himachal was the only amongst the Big States Category which was categorised first State in the country in field of education and inclusive development, which was a big feat for a small State which was emerging big. He said that suitable steps would be taken for the outsource employees working in different departments. 

He also flashed back at the developmental journey of the State, citing that the state which hardly had approximately three kilometres of roads in 1948 was now having a wide network of 37000 kilometers road length. During past four years 1721 kilometres of motorable roads and 180 bridges were constructed in the state.The Chief Minister said that government had opened 42 colleges and 1329 schools during the last four years and had created 5608 posts of different categories in education department.He said that demonetization of currency notes, had effected the economical progress and led to inconvenience to people of the country. He termed the decision of demonetization of currency as unthoughtful.He also attacked at the BJP for playing divisive policies and dividing the people on basis of region, religion and casteism and said that such people were threat to the unity of the Nation and we should identify them.The Chief Minister termed the claims of BJP of forming government in Himachal as a distant dream.

He exhorted the people to be careful and not get swayed by false propaganda of BJP and stay united for united Bharat. The stage was conducted by Industries Minister Shri Mukesh Agnihotri followed by brief welcome speech of Urban Development Minister Shri Sudhir Sharma, who welcomed the INC Vice-President to Dharamsala.General Secretary, AICC & in charge Himachal Pradesh Smt. Ambika Soni was also present on the occasion.

RAHUL DEDICATES ENGINEERING COLLEGE AT MASSAL IN NAGROTA:  Rahul Gandhi dedicated the first phase of Rajeev Gandhi Engineering College at Massal in Nagrota Bhagwan completed with an outlay of Rs 50 crore. The total project cost would be amounting to Rs. 150 crore. The building was completed in less than one a a half years. He also unveiled the 12.5 feet Bronze statue of Late Prime Minister, Rajeev Gandhi at Massal. Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh and State Youth Congress Chief also accompanied Shri Rahul Gandhi.Transport and Civil Supply Minister, Shri GS Bali, accorded rousing reception to the INC Vice- President and thanked him for sparing his valuable time for dedicating the engineering college to the people of the State. 


• Shri Rahul Gandhi entered Police ground at 12.58 PM in his typical White Kurta-Jeans and Black ‘Sadri’.

• Shri Rahul Gandhi couldn't resist and danced to the tunes of Kullu Natti, on the side stage with Chief Minister and Youth Congress President Shri Vikramaditya Singh.

• Shri Mukesh said ‘Himachaliat Jaag Uthi’ and love of Nehru-Gandhi Parivaar was seen once again when Rahul Gandhi was performing ‘Natti’.

• State Congress Chief Shri Sukhvinder Singh Thakur who was second speaker after Shri Sudhir Sharma blamed BJP for purchasing land much before demonetization of currency notes amounting to eight crores in Shimla and Bilaspur respectively. It appears that they had prior knowledge of demonetization of currency notes. 

• The front row was occupied by AICC General Secretary Smt. Ambika Soni, five Ministers, including I&PH Minister Smt. Vidya Stokes, Health Minister Shri Kaul Singh Thakur, MPP &Power Minister Shri Sujan Singh Pathania, Urban Development Minister Shri Sudhir Sharma and Rural Development Minister Shri Anil Sharma, including, Secretary AICC, Smt. Asha KumarI, Speaker Shri BBL Butail and HPCC President Shri Sukhvinder Singh Thakur.

• Shri Rahul Gandhi Said the demonetization of currency aimed at “Gareebon se Paisa Khincho, Amiro ko Seencho”.

•Shri  Rahul said that the NDA government has hit upon the HAT (Topi) of the people of state meaning thereby, Horticulture, Agriculture and Tourism (HAT). 

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