February 07, 2017 09:06 PM

New Delhi (Sports)

India claimed their second bronze medal on the second day of the 37th Asia Track Cycling Championship at the IGI today.. In the Women Junior category, Alena Reji, top performer from India so far added second bronze medal for herself as for as India in the 500m Time Trial Women Junior Category. She clocked 37.439s to claim the third position and also created a Gold medal was awarded to Chao Yue Shen of China who clocked 35.291s while Seolhwa Jeong of Korea claimed Silver medal with a timing of 36.35s.  The biggest heartbreak of the day came from India’s No. 1 Cyclist Deborah Herold when she failed to convert her performance in a medal in 500m Time Trial in Women Elite category. She clocked 35.367s and that was not enough for a medal, she had to satisfy with fourth place but she gave her personal best to create a New National Record. Gold was claimed by 2012 Olympic Medalist Lee Wai Sze of Hong Kong with a timing of 34.204s. Silver was awarded to Sunyong Cho of Korea (35.224s).


 “There is no excuse for a medal loss, we performed well and Deborah who just upgraded from Junior to Elite category gave her best, we are hoping some medals in a coming days.” said RK Sharma, Coach Indian Team. Deborah will perform in Individual Sprint category tomorrow.

The other shock of the day came from Mohd. Azizulhasni Awang, London 2016 bronze medallist in the keirin event. Not only did Awang lose out on the medals, but he finished a very low 9th in the race. The same fate was not met by the other Olympic medallist, Lee Wai Sze – London 2012 bronze medallist, who won gold in the Women Elite 500m time trial event today. As for her performance, she remarked, “There’s always room for improvement and as is clear, this wasn’t my best performance till date. I am happy that I won the gold, but medals don’t matter as much as my own performance does.”  Kasra Bagherpour secured the very first gold medal for Iran on the second day. Bagherpour won the men elite scratch finals by finishing a lap ahead of his closest competitor, Leong Chi Son of Macau, China. Chun Wing Leung of Hong Kong secured the second gold of the day, with an incredibly fast run; finishing almost two laps ahead of the rest of the field.The day, however did not start off on a good note for the Indian team.

Sachin Desai finished 6th in the Men Juniors – scratch race 10Km final and Satbir finished 9th in the Men Elite – scratch race 15Km final. “The boys did not medal, but they certainly performed above everyone’s expectations”, contradicts Amar Singh, mentor of the endurance riders. Singh, is a revered personality in the Delhi cycling fraternity and an Arjuna Award recipient. Therefore, the day wrapped up with an exciting aura gripping the championship, but it also witnessed a major crash that left the three riders involved, severely injured. The riders were gearing up for the last lap of the finals during the Men Juniors’ keirin event, when all of a sudden theriders from Iran (Kasara Bagherpour), Korea (Jinsik Yang) and Malaysia (Alif Aiman Safuan) collided with each other. Jinsing Yang was seriously injured and fractured his collar bone. Cause of the collision was being looked into by UCI officials, but remained unknown until the end of the day. 


Men Juniors (Finals): Scratch Race 10Km: 1. Kasra Bagherpour (IRI), 2. Leong Chi Son (MAC) 3. Euro Kim (KOR); Keirin: 1. Kaito Kajihara (JPN), 2. Hyunoh Park (KOR), 3. Shinji Nakano (JPN); Team Pursuit 4Km: 1. KAZ 4:17.561s, 2. KOR 4:17.714s, 3. JPN 4:22.003s.

Men Elite (Finals): Scratch Race 15Km: 1. Chun Wing Leung (HKG), 2. Mohammed Rajablou (IRI), 3. Robert Gaineyev (KAZ); Keirin: 1. Yuta Wakimoto (JPN), 2. Kazunari Watanbe (JPN), 3. Mohd. Shah Firdaus Sahrom (MAS); Team Pursuit 4Km: 1. CHN 4:01.043s, 2. KOR 4:01.835s, 3. JPN 4:06.536s.

Women Juniors (Finals): 500m Time Trial: 1. Chao Yue Shen (CHN) 35.291s, 2. Seolhwa Jeong (KOR) 36.35s, 3. Aleena Reji (IND) 37.439s. 

Men Juniors (Finals): 500m Time Trial: 1. Lee Wai Sze (HKG) 34.204s, 2. Sunyong Cho (KOR) 35.224s, 3. Li Xue Mei (CHN) 35.271s.

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