February 15, 2017 08:34 AM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

On the eve of valentine day  SA Records Music Company released it’s Hindi song “Tu Nahi Yahan “ at Chandigarh press club on Monday. It has been sung by ATIKANT VERMA, said,” it’s a sad romantic song about broken heart and relationship. Valentine day is considered as an epitome of love a day to celebrate love so. While talking to media Atikant Verma  said, he belongs to Paunta sahib and has taken lessons of singing from none other than,  A.R Rehmaan’s K.M CONSEVETORY, which is a bench mark in itself and ----- will fall short in its praise .He has worked really hard for this song He has put all his efforts and has high expectations from this song.

Tu Nahi Yahan has been produced by SUNNY AUJLA and is being directed by Kamaljot Singh, town media has design its publicity, Gurpreet Baba is Project head, pen downed by SINGH DEEP. Sunny Aujla, Chairman of SA RECORDS, said   he also has high expectations from this song as it is his gateway to hindi music industry. DARU WALE KEEDE was SA RECORD’s super dupper hit song in 2016 Gurpreet Baba, who was also the man behind the said project as a Executive Producer for Punjabi  films like STUPID 7 Sikandar and mitti na farol yogia  Its worth mentioning here that he has played his role as PROJECT HEAD for this project remarkably and is really praise worthy.    

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