February 24, 2017 09:15 PM
Chandigarh (sports desk)
Chandigarh University claimed three gold medals, including one in the women's category, in  the All India Inter University Powerlifting (Men and Women) Championship being organized by Panjab University, Chandigarh here today. With a total lift of 597.5 kg by Sahin Dahiya, Chandigarh got their first gold in the under 59 kg category. Vijay Kumar earned second gold for Chandigarh University as his total lift was recorded at 642.5 kg in the under 66 kg class.Savita Kumari of Chandigarh University lifted a total of 350 kg to get gold in the women's under 47 kg class. Suman of Kuruksetra University lifted 385 kg to claim gold in the under 52 kg class. Neha Bhosle won Mumbai University's first gold with a total lift of 437.5 kg in the under-57 category.
 Results: Powerlifting (Men) under-59 kg: 1 Sahin Dahiya (Chandigarh University) total lift 597.5 kg; 2 Kannav Vijay (Manglore University) 592.5 kg; 3. R.K. Dhaneshwaran (Thiruvalluvar University) 572.5 kg.
Under 66 kg: 1 Vijay Kumar (Chandigarh University) 642.5 kg; 2 Manish Garg (GGSIPU Delhi) 637.5 kg; 3 Sunil Kumar (Panjab University, Chandigarh) 630 kg.
Under 74 kg: 1 Rajesh (MDU Rohtak) 725 kg; 2.Ashish (Chandigarh University) 665 kg; 3.Divyanshi Soni (ML Sukhadia Univ. Udaipur) 655 kg. 
Powerlifting (Women): Under 47 kg: 1 Savita Kumari (Chandigarh University) 350 kg; 2 Sanju (Ch. B.L.U. Bhiwani) 350 kg.; 3 D. Kushma (Yogi Vemana University) 327.5 kg.
 Under 52 kg: 1 Suman (Kuruksetra University) 385 kg; 2 Raj Kumari (Chandigarh University) 367.5 kg; 3 Savant Sonali (Shivaji University) 365 kg..
 Under 57 kg: 1 Neha Bhosle (Mumbai University) 437.5 kg; 2 K. Humeshwari (Manipur Unviersity) 387.5 kg; 3 Manisha (Chandigarh University) 377.5 kg. 
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