March 05, 2017 08:41 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Decision regarding health needs to be taken with sensitivity – Jagannath Shinde, President, AIOCD

Network of online medicine sell is spreading all over the country. President of All India Organisation of Chemist and Druggist (AIOCD) Mr. Jagannath Shinde has raised question, why government is ignoring issue related to health of citizens as decision needs to be taken with sensitivity, does such emergency is prevailing in the country that online medicine of drug has been commenced immediately? Point wise memorandum has been submitted by the AIOCD to Deputy Secretary of Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Mr. K. L. Sharma on draft guidelines framed by the Central Government regarding E-Pharmacy.Online Sell of Drugs should not be looked from the perspective of discount, as long term and unrecoverable rights and security of the customers should also be taken into the consideration. In reality the central government has fixed profit of drug sellers and selling medicines at further discount raises doubts about the quality of the medicines. This competition is unreasonable with question mark over dignity and existence of 8 lakh drug sellers. 

AIOCD has presented memorandum to the Secretary of Central Health Ministry in Delhi, pointing out truth and shortcomings in the business of drug sell. Committee established under DCGI should not only have representatives of regulatory bodies but persons from all the quarters of the business should be included in them. New central authority has been proposed for online drug sell in the draft of Central Government which is against the principles of decentralisation of the authority.

Rural areas of the country don’t have adequate facilities off health along with lack of highly qualified doctors, thus Central Government needs to focus on strengtheningof regulatory mechanism which is weak. Memorandum with various points like Laboratory, IT centre, Law Unit to examine the quality of medicines has been submitted. 

Draft needs to be inclusiveof issues like entry of drug mafia, youth getting attracted to drug addicts, interest of the customers, social interest of HIV patients, health protection of buyers etc., even though the Central Government is intended to make medicines available all over. President of All India Organisation of Chemist and Druggist Mr. Jagannath Shinde has made a clear demand that the proposed amendments to Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1940 or rule 1945 and permission to online sell of drugs should be withhold till draft is amended and objections raised by the AIOCD are addressed by the Central Government. 

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