March 07, 2017 09:30 PM
Album Bhajans, containing eight devotional Hindu songs sung by Danish Punjabi singer/dance/actress Anita Hjorth Lerche of Indianapolis has been nominated for the One World Music Awards 2016 in the category of "Best World/Global Fusion Album of 2016. Giving this information here today, an elated Anita Lerche, who is also famous as "Heer from Denmark", said " I feel so honored and am grateful to everyone from my creative team! Thank you or your amazing work. "I am also happy for my friends from Sultans of String (Chris McKhool) and Ciro Hurtado who are also nominated in the same category - they both have got some excellent albums, which you should check out.
Maahiya (Single) song had won a ‘Danish World Award 2009’ for World Track of the Year. It’s a fusion of East and West. Cheshire Cat is rapping in English in a reggae style and Anita sings traditional Punjabi Folk. It was produced in Birmingham by Flavasia (Kully B & Gussy G) and has got lyrics by the legendary Dev Raj Jassal.The Award winners will be announced on June  4, 2017Earlier this year. Anita's music was featured alongside A.R. Rahman, Anoushka Shankar, Sonu Nigam, Joss Stone, Vanessa Carlton and many other international artists! It is her recording of the Swedish folk song "Vem Kan Segla" that has been chosen for the  triple album 'Music to Inspire — Artists UNited Against Human Trafficking', produced by Rukus Avenue.
Nominations in different categories are:
People's Choice Award: Al Gromer Khan - Chakra Noir; Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Transmigration; Andy Rogers - Ocean Dreaming; Ann Licater - Beyond the Waves; Dan Kennedy - Bloom Road; Earthshine - White Cliff Country; Holly Montgomery - Leaving Eden; Jim Ottaway - Invisible Vortex; Mark Barnes - In The Beginning; Michelle Qureshi - Scattering Stars
Acoustic Guitar: Bob Kilgore - Time and Again; Carbe & Durnand - A Bridge Between; David W Donner - Eterna; Joseph Sullinger - Adore; Ken Verheecke - First Light; Lawrence Blatt - Longitudes & Latitudes; Mark Barnwell - Mandala; Robert Linton - Beyond the Clearing; Russ Hewitt - Cielo Nocturno; Todd Mosby - On Eagle Mountain.
Ambient Album: Al Gromer Khan - Chakra Noir; Darshan AMbient - Fire Light; Forrest Smithson - Reversal of Thought; Hennie Bekker - Beyond Dreams; Michelle Qureshi - A Scattering of Stars; Rudy Adrian - Coastlines; Scott Lawlor - That Sanguine Light of November; Silvia Nakkach - Liminal; Takashi Suzuki - Water and Air; Weingarten & Charlton - Where There Is Light.
Contemporary Instrumental Album: Ann Licater - Beyond the Waves; 3rd Force - Global Force; Arun Shenoy & the Groove Project - A Stagey Bank Affair; Bill Wren - Road to Chaing Mai; Charles Denler - Moment At Dawn; David Arkenstone - Songs from the Aqua Lounge; Erik Scott - In the Company of Clouds; Holland Phillips - Circles of 8; Oz Nelson - Enemy of Rome; Tom Eaton - Abendromen.
Electronic Album: Divine Matrix - Music for Space Travel; Geoff Hall - Understnading the Signs; Jim Ottaway - Southern Cross; Johan Tronestam - Arthur Went Above the Clouds; Keith Richie - Skylines; Luna Firma - Falling Towards Atlantis; MyklH - Journey to the Garden of the New Beginning; Tangram - Vector Henge; Tigerforest - Songs of Reverence; Uwe Gronau - Paradise Painting.
Native American Album: Windtalker - Hozho - Walking In Beauty; Douglas Blue Feather Cosmic Visions; Harmonic Earth - Tales of Futures Past; Members of the Ojibway People - Native American Flute; Micki Free - Native American Flute as Therapy; Painted Raven - Crossroads; Rockapelli - Freedom; Ron Bracale - Coyote Cavorting; Vicki Logan - Sound Paintings; Wolfsheart - Into the White Desert Sky.
New Age Album: Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Transmigration; Andy Rogers - Ocean Dreaming; Crystalline Dream - Alchemy; David Arkenstone - The Fairy Garden; David Clavijo - From the Depths; Deuter - Immortelle; Isadar - Magical Fantasy Flute; Jill Haley - National Park Soundscapes; Joseph L Young - Ethereum; Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer - Whispers from Silence.
Piano w Instrumentation Album: Attila Gibson - Mythical Solace' Bernward Koch - Touched by Love; Kathryn Kaye - There Was A Time; Gary Schmidt - Landscapes of the Heart; Janice Lacy Project - Sanctuary for the Soul; John Fluker - 11:11; Marc Enfroy - Crossroads; Monica Logani - Secret Garden; Samer Fanek - Wishful Thinking; Terry Lee Nichols - At Peace Beneath the Shade.
Rock Album: Ali Ferguson - A Sequence of Moments; CranstoN - CranstoN; DangerAngel - All the Kings Horses; Deviant Amps - Strange Voodoo; Forest Field - Lonely Desert; HawkLords - Fusion; Holly Montgomery - Leaving Eden; House of Shakira - Sour Grapes; July Reign - Here Comes the Flood; Sixtynine - You Are Me.
Solo Piano Album: Christopher Boscole - Skipping on Daisies; Dan Chadburn - Beyond Words; Dave Lewis - Milestones; David Lanz - Norwegian Rain; Gary Girouard - Naked Piano Transitions; Lena Natalia - Second Youth; Lynn Tradeau - A New Dream; Matias Baconsky - Life and Death; Shoshana Michel - Dancing on the Wind; Wayne Bethanis - Remember the Rain.
Vocal Award: Anora - Labyrinth; Brian McSweeney - As the Bluebird; Kevin Roth - Reawakening; Kimberly Haynes - Awaken Me; Matt Venuti - The Rhythm of Life; Michael Tomlinson - House of Sky; Narrow Plains - Narrow Plains; Rebekah Eden - Rowing in Eden; Viktoria Tocca - Dream It; White Sun - White Sun II
World/Global Fusion Award: Al Conti - Mystic; Anita Lerche - Bhajans; Ban Brothers - All About Love; Byron Metcalf - Shamanic Trance Dance; Ciro Hurtado - Selva; Guy Buttery - Guy Buttery; Lenka Lichtenberg - Yiddish Journey; Sukha - Rise; Sultans of String - Subcontinental Drift; Wayna Picchu - Folk Music from Peru. 
Album of the Year Award: Al Conti - Mystic; Al Gromer Khan - Chakra Noir; Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Transmigration; Carbe & Durnad - A Bridge Between; Erik Scott - In the Company of Clouds; Jim Ottaway - Southern Cross; Kimberly Haynes - Awaken Me; Lynn Tredeau - A New Dream; Marc Enfroy - Crossroads; Micki Free - Native American Flute as Therapy. 
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