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First film from Himachal to receive international awards and honours

For the first time ever, a film from Himachal Pradesh is going to be released in the cinemas across the country. This will be the first time that a movie is reaching to a cinema hall in Himachali language. The film is being released in Hindi language as well with the name “ Rishton ki Saanjh”. Saanjh film is a Silent Hills Studio production being presented by PCU pvt ltd and SHORYA entertainment establishmentz.

Saanjh film reflects the story of people who have migrated from their ancestral village to the big cities for a better livelihood. This story in the film has been depicted from the perspective of a grandmother and her granddaughter. The granddaughter who lives with her parents in the city is forced to live with her grandmother in the village. This story is about the relationship between grandmothers and granddaughters who have never lived with each other due to the increasing inter-generation gaps. The story of growing-up with each other, the hatred, confusion and love reflects the loneliness of the elderly people  living in the villages.

Saanjh will be released on April 14th  in  22 states of the country. Producer/director Ajay Saklani has brought the culture and dialects of Himachal to the mainstream cinema through the film. Aditi Chadak will be seen in the lead role in this film who is from Chamba and this is Aditi's first film. Asif Basra and Taranjit Kaur are well known faces of Bollywood who have played a key role in the film. Himachal's feature film Saanjh will be released in Himachali and Hindi language on April 14th, in 250 cinemas of the various states, including Himachal.

Along with 2 Bollywood artists, the local actors have played important characters in the film. There are 5 songs in the film, out of which 2 songs  are sung by the famous Bollywood singer Mohit Chauhan. Saanjh film has been getting a lot of international attention before being seen on the big screen and has already won two international awards so far. Saanjh was honored with Best Feature Film in the Borrego Springs Film Festival in California, USA. Saanjh was declared the best film from 750 entries from all over the world in this festival. Earlier, Saanjh has also been honored with the award of merit in Accolade Global Film Competition in California. The film also focuses on the fading language,art,culture and traditional lifestyle of Himachal. About 90% of the the film is shot in Kullu, Sainj and Dharamsala. Apart from this, some scenes have also been filmed in Chandigarh. 

Punjabi film industry has always been giving platform to himachali actors and this is for the first time Taranjit Kaur from punjab is playing role of Sanju's mother in himachali movie saanjh. we would like to throw some light upon the acting background of Taranjit Kaur. Taranjit Kaur is an Indian actress, known for her role in Raju, an Oscar winning film(2012). Raju won the Student Oscar Academy award in 2012 for best short film. She has played a major role in the critically acclaimed film, Ankhon Dekhi directed by Rajat Kapoor, adjudged the second best film of 2014. Taranjit has also acted in Adrishya, a TV series on spies of India, as Durgadevi, one of the first women revolutionaries of India and won huge appreciation for her expressions and intense performance. She has worked in Airlift under the banner of Raja Krishna Menon. In 2015, her role as a coal miner,in the upcoming film Anant, directed by Samir Mehanovic, a BAFTA award winning director, is to look forward to as it has been her most challenging role so far.

Highlights of the film  :*First film from Himachal to be released in two languages - Himachali  and Hindi. *First Himachali playback song by celebrated bollywood singer Mohit Chauhan.*First film to introduce the near extinct Tankri Script.*First film from Himachal to receive international awards and honours.*Showcase the landscape of Himachal, its cultural and traditional lifestyle.*Encouraging the youth towards the development of a better cinema and filmmaking.   

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