April 13, 2017 08:32 PM

Cholha Sahib (TaranTaran)

In case of any pressure or injustice is done to people  by Congress party and their workers they should feel free to contact us and bring their difficulty and problem to our notice, warns Brahampur   

SAD will Sacrifice lives for interest of punjab," Won't share a drop of water. This was stated by MP Ranjit Singh Brahmpura in Political Conference at Cholha Sahib Tarn Taran on the eve of Baisakhi. Brahmpura was addressing the Baisakhi conference at Cholha Sahib Gurudwara on the occasion of Baisakhi Festival.  He greeted  and  extend good wishes to huge gathering on this holy day.

 While addressing Ranjit Singh Brahmpura assured the public that SAD welcome the mandate of punjab people and during these five years every member and worker of our party will put their full strength and efforts for the, Welfare and Interest of the Punjab people, On the contentious SYL issue, be decided in favour of Punjab otherwise,"We will Sacrifice our lives for Interest of punjab state. In this conference he advised the participants to put hard labour to bring up word SAD. he added that," The SAD looking forward to present Punjab. Govt for the fulfilling their promises as committed in their manifesto," To give employment to youth and waiver of loan of the farmers in Punjab, in case Capt. Govt in punjab fails to provide employment to youth and do not success for waiver to the farmers of Punjab than Capt. Govt in Punjab will not be allowed to function in a proper way. Until and unless promises as committed in manifesto are not fulfilled by Punjab Government in that event Capt. Govt will proved a cheater". 

He further added that while addressing party workers," In case of any pressure or injustice is done to them by Congress party and their workers they should feel free to contact us and bring their difficulty and problem to our notice. So that we may resolve the problem and grief ". 

In this political conference, Former MLA from Khadoor Sahib constituency Ravinder Singh Brahmpura son of Ranjit Singh Brahmpura also addressed the party workers that," neither Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh nor any senior leader of Congress Govt. In Punjab visited Golden Temple in Amritsar for paying obeisance and thanks to almighty god which is indication that Capt. Govt do not care for god and do not have any attention for punjab people rather captain is busy in their benefits and other gains. 

Ravinder Singh Brahmpura very clearly assure the party workers that, they will get full Justice, Honour and Regard in every field and In case and any Injustice or pressure is put by Congress workers or Leaders they will not be spared. So every worker should work freely without any fear.  He further added that, " We should maintain unity in our party to uplift the SAD and to give good rule to the punjab people . In the end he concluded that neither Congress winning MLA Ramanjit Singh Sikki from Khadoor Sahib, nor Captain nor any Congress senior leader visited Khadoor Sahib constituency and from their touch attitude, What be expected from Congress leaders and Captain government from state.  He further added," We SAD candidate, Leaders, worker had been serving the people of punjab, and present serving the people and in future, We shall be serving the people of punjab, it matter whether SAD in government or any other party is in Govt. and It well known to the Punjab people that SAD government in the past served the people under dynamic leadership of hon'ble Parkash Singh Badal, former chief minister Punjab and under able guidance of Sukhbir Singh Badal, former deputy chief minister of punjab and this only one party which can make Punjab to the highest peak with cooperation and help of punjab people. 

On this occasion  Gurbhachan Singh Member(SGPC), Damanjeet Singh Media Advisor to MP Brahmpur, Gursewak Singh, Satnam Singh, Gurinder Tony, Gurdial Singh, Brahmjeet Singh, Kuldeep Singh and other eminent workers were present.   

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