April 13, 2017 11:05 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of Special Staff, South District has arrested one Dharmender Sirohi, aged 40 yrs, s/o Rambir Sirohi, r/o H. No.A-21, 2nd Floor, Suman Colony, Chattarpur Extention, Mehrauli, NewDelhi and has solved a kidnapping case registered in Faridabad, Haryana and a blind murder case registered in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Chinmoy Biswal, IPS, Additional Deputy Commissionerof Police South District; Delhi, said on 9th April 2017, a blind murder case of a lady, whose throat had been slit, was registered in PS Sikandra,Agra. The local police could not identify the dead body in spite of bestefforts and there was no trace of the perpetrator of the crime. A day after, a case of kidnapping of asmarried lady namely Ms. Mamta was registered in PS Sector 7, Faridabad, Haryana. This case was also blind and registered against unknown accused’. The Special Staff of South District, whichkeeps a watch on Inter-State crimes and criminals, received information that alady whose matrimonial home was in Mehrauli, had been reportedly missing fromher parental home in Faridabad and that she has been murdered at an unknownplace. The informant also disclosed that the missing lady was in a long standingextra-marital affair with a person who also resided in Mehrauli, SouthDistrict.

This information was developed and a team comprising of SI Satendra Khari, ASI Vijay Kumar, ASI Vir Singh, ASI Pramod andCt. Pyar Singh, led by Inspector Jeet Singh, I/C Special Staff, South District,under the supervision of Sh. Palvinder Singh Chahal, ACP/Operations/SouthDistrict and Sh. Aditya Gautam, ACP (UT) was constituted to apprehend thesuspect. The team arrested the accused from near Khokha Market, Saket on 12/04/2017in a professional operation.

The accused was subjected to interrogation wherein he revealed that he had first met the deceased Mamta back in 2004 and they developed a relationship soon thereafter. In spite of both of them being married, they continued their relationship clandestinely. However, soon theirfamily members got a wind of it. Even this did not act as a deterrent and they kept their love affair going, albeit with utmost secrecy. However, of late, signs of discord appeared when the accused started suspecting that the deceased was showing a lack of interest in him and some enquiries by this distraught lover soon established that Mamta was getting hooked in other relationships too.

This infuriated the accused and he hatched a plan to eliminate her. On 08/04/2017, he took her to Agra on the pretext of a long drive and both of them consumed liquor on the way. Once she got intoxicated, he convinced her to alight from the car near a tunnel, pretending that he had to urinate. Once she got out of the car, the accused slit her throat with a knife and killed her. He then threw her body in the tunnel along with the knife used in the offence and drove back to Delhi. 

Accused Dharmender Sirohi was born and brought up in Delhi and has studied up to 10th class. In 2004, he started the business of a security agency in the name of ‘Prominent Security’ with office in Chattarpur, New Delhi. He has been runningthis business for the last 13 years.  The accused has been arrested under section 41.1 Cr PC. The concerned police stations have beeninformed. The good work of the team is being rewardedsuitably. With thearrest of the accused police solved case  FIR No. 266/17, u/s 346/365 IPC, dated 10/04/17, PS Sector-7,Faridabad, Haryana and  Case FIR No. 408/17, u/s 302/201 IPC, dated 09/04/17, PS Sikandra, Agra, Uttar Prad

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