April 16, 2017 08:28 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)  

A team of Special Cell, Northern Range, led by Inspectors Rajesh Sharma, Rajbir Singh andRamesh Sharma, under the supervision of Shri Pankaj Sood, ACP, has arrested a notoriousdesperate criminal namely Umesh from Ghevra More, Delhi after a brief encounterin which desperado fired at the raiding party to terrorize them in order toescape. One semi-automatic pistol of .32 bore loaded with four live cartridges& a country made pistol .315 bore alongwith three live cartridges recoveredfrom his possession. A reward of Rs. 50,000/- has been declared for hisapprehension. 

One semi-automatic pistol of .32 bore loaded with four live cartridges & onecountry made pistol .315 bore alongwith three live cartridges recovered.Besides, one empty shell was also recovered from the spot.  Accusedhas several criminal cases registered against him and presently wanted in casesof murder, attempt to murder, threatening, etc..

Mr.SanjeevKumar Yadav, DeputyCommissioner of Police Special Cell; Delhi Police, said Umesh alongwith hisassociates shot dead one Amit r/oVillage Dubaldhan, Distt. Jhajjar, Haryana in the area of Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi due to personal enmity vide case FIR No. 629/16 dated 27.07.2016 u/s302/34 IPC & 27 Arms Act PS Mukharjee Nagar, Delhi. A reward of Rs. 50,000has been declared by Delhi police for his apprehension. Umesh and his associate Sombir @ Cheli firedbullets on one Sudhir, paternal uncle of deceased Amit, and is carrying areward of Rs 25,000/- declared by Haryana Police in case FIR No. 253/16 dated27.07.2016 u/s 307/120 B IPC & 25/27 Arms Act PS Beri, Distt. Jhajjar,Haryana.

OPERATION: Prior to 26/07/2016, Umesh was having criminal record but he was not so desperate.However, during late night hours on 26/07/2016, he and his associates hadcommitted the sensational murder of Amit in the area of Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.On the very next day during the early hours on 27/07/2016, he alongwith hisassociates attempted to murder Sudhir, paternal uncle of deceased Amit atVillage Dubbaldhan, Jhajjar, Haryana. His involvement in these heinous crimesgave him notoriety, as Delhi and Haryana Police had declared rewards for hisarrest. Umesh became desperate day by day as several more cases includingattempt to murder, threatening, etc. were registered against him. Accordingly,Special Cell made it a task and started tracking him. Several manual as well astechnical sources were mounted by the Special Cell to cordon this desperado.

On the intervening night of 14-15/04/2017, secretinformation was received that Umesh would come near Ghevra More, Rohtak Road,Delhi to meet one of his associate. Accordingly,a team of Special Cell/NR consisting of Inspr. Rajbir Singh, SI Ashok Kumar,ASI Surender Pal, ASI Suresh Kumar, ASI Ajay Kumar, HC Gopinath, HC VijayKumar, HC Harjeet Singh and Ct. Jai Kishan was immediately formed. The team actedstrategically and cordoned Umesh near Ghevra More, Rohtak Road. Realizing noother way to escape, Umesh took out his pistol and fired one round on policeteam in order to deter them and in a bid to escape. However, Ct. Jai Kishan exhibitive excellent presence of mind and courage, snatchedthe pistol from the hand of Umesh which was found loaded with 4 live cartridges.During his search, one more country made pistol with 3 live cartridges was alsorecovered from his possession. The emptycartridge was also recovered from the ground. A case under appropriate sectionsof law has been registered at PS Special Cell, Delhi.

PROFILE& INTERROGATION OF ACCUSED UMESH.: Accused Umesh ( aged 23 years ) s/o Surajmal @ Kalu is permanent resident of Village Dubaldhan, Distt, Jhajjar,Haryana. He was born on 22.10.94. He studied upto 11th class fromGramin Sthali School, Morewala, Distt. Bhiwani, Haryana. His father Surajmal isa farmer. His mother is a housewife while his younger brother Samir was workingin Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon. After leaving his studies, he also startedworking with his father. He started petty crimes in very tender age. A caseunder the offence of theft was initially registered against him in the year2010.

In the month of January 2011, hispaternal uncle namely Chand Singh was murdered by his relatives namely Satyawans/o Mahavir and hisassociates who are also residing in the same village. Thereafter, he procuredone country made pistol for self-defence. In March 2011, he was arrested withthe said country made pistol. In the year 2012, he got bullet injury from hisown country made pistol for which criminal case was registered against him. In2013, he fired bullet on one Sandeep r/o Village Dubaldhan as he was alsopresent at the spot when his paternal uncle Chand Singh was murdered. He waslast arrested in the year 2015 in an Arms Act case of Haryana and was releasedon bail in 2015 itself.

He wanted to take revenge fromSatyawan and his family. Meanwhile, he came to know that one of the brothers ofSatyawan namely Amit was residing with his brother-in-law in the area ofMukherjee Nagar, Delhi. In the month of May-June, 2016, he along with some ofhis associates had gone to Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He came to know that Amitalong with his cousin brother were also present there. He immediately made planto eliminate Amit in Kolhapur itself but Amit could not be traced. In the monthof July, 2016, he returned from Kolhapur. Meanwhile, he arranged weapons andassociates. After doing reccee, on 26/07/2016, he along with his brother Samir,associates namely Sanjay r/o Ladpur, Delhi, Bhupender & Sombir @ Cheli r/oVillage Dubaldhan shot at Amit in the area of Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. In the earlymorning of 27.07.16, he along with Sombir @ Cheli went inside the house ofSudhir in Village Dubbaldhan and he fired bullet on Sudhir,paternal uncle of Amit. On 10.10.16, he and Sombir @ Cheli again fired on thehouse of Sudhir with the intention to kill him. In the month of August 2016, he had also fired bullets in a college inJulana, Distt. Jind, Haryana. His associate namely Sanjay r/o Ladpur, Delhi gotbail in Mukherjee Nagar case. He along with Sanjay was making planning to killAnil, brother in law of Amit, who is complainant & witness in the MukherjeeNagar murder case. He came to Delhi and was waiting for Sanjay near GhevraMore.

Umesh had been absconding sinceJuly’ 2016. Umesh has disclosed during interrogation that he has made up hismind to become contract killer. He has been conveying his intention todifferent gangs of Haryana/Delhi that he is available to commit anymurder/attempt to murder in lieu of money. Cases of various Police station have been solved.Further investigation is in process.

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