April 28, 2017 06:01 PM

Una (Vijyender Sharma)

Witnesses Mega Gidda Event with participation of around 5000 women folk. The Mega Gidda event, the Punjabi cultural folk dance marked the beginning of the three day Haroli Festival in Una district.Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

More than five thousand women folk of the area gathered at Badhera ground in Haroli constituency to perform Gidda. Chief Minister who attended the Mega community folk dance show conveyed that Himachal was a treasure house of distinct culture and customs as every region had its own culture and customs which reflects the identity of the people of the region and of being a Himachali.

 It was for the first time that Punjabi Mega Folk dance with community participation was organised by the single largest women body, ‘Swan Women Federation’ to promote the culture of the district and a step towards women empowerment. The federation has more than 9000 women members associated with different self-help groups.Industries Minister Shri Mukesh Agnihotri said that the purpose of the event was to promote women power and the culture of the region. Besides, senior girls of various schools also participated in the Gidda event enthusiastically.

Earlier, the Chief Minister was accorded a very warm welcome on reaching Haroli. He was seated in an open jeep from Badhera to Kangad, where he inaugurated the exhibitions set up by various NGOs and government departments showcasing the development of the state as well as that of the Haroli constituency.He also inspected the on-going work of mini-secretariat building at Haroli and Haroli -Rampur bridge.

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