May 15, 2017 09:25 AM

Chandigarh (Face2News-Sports)
Saurav claimed two titles in the Chandigarh State Sub-junior and Challenger Sprints Rowing Championship for Boys/Men and Girls/Women at the Sukhna Lake here on Sunday. In the Challengers Sprints for men, Saurav emerged winner in singles sculls by clocking 1:40.30. Later, partnering N. Rishikanta Singh, Saurav won the double sculls. This pair clocked 1:35.84.The silver medal in doubles sculls went to Rajesh Choudhary and Ajay Kumar who clocked 1:44.62.
Sub-Juniors (Boys) (under 15 years):
Single Sculls: 1 Rajat Kumar 1:52.84; 2 Varun Antil 1:59.06; 3 Gurcharan 2:13.39.
Double Sculls: 1 Rajat Kumar and Gurcharan 1:54.20; 2 Varun Antil and Vikrant 2:09.20; 3
Savinay and Sudarshan 2:34.74.
Sub-Juniors (Boys) (under 13 years):
Double Sculls: 1 Harfateh Singh Shergill and Ayushman Bhardwaj 3:42.90
Sub-Juniors (Girls):
Double Sculls: 1 Anmol Shergill and Neha 2:20.50.
Challenger Sprints (men):
Single Sculls: 1 Saurav 1:40.30; 2 Gurdeep Singh 1:41.24; N.Rishikanta Singh 1:42.36.
Double Sculls: 1 Saurav and N. Rishikanta Singh 1:35.84; 2 Predhuman Singh and Dikvijay 1:35.88; 3 Sukhdeep Singh and Aryaman 3:54.26
Coxless Pairs: 1 CS Sahoo and Jaibir Singh 1:34.38; 2 Rajesh Choudhary and Ajay Kumar 1:44.62; 3 Ramandeep Singh and Manjot Singh Gujral 1:47.69.
Coxless Fours: 1 Sharma Singh, Ravi Kumar, K. Ranapratap and Gurmej Singh 1:27.62; 2 Gurdeep Singh Saini, Gourav Parmar, Karan Singh and Vikas 1:38.56; 3 Abhyuday Sharma, Manan Batish, Ramandeep Singh and Manjot Singh Gujral 1:45.9. 

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