July 09, 2017 03:27 PM

Mumnbai (Face2News-Enterntainment Desk)

 The talented and handsome actor Karan Goddwani is currently seen in Sony SAB’s latest TV, Biwi aur Main. Karan plays an interesting character of Kushal who is an actor and the main lead in Rajiv’s daily soap ‘Bindiya, Shringar Ek Suhagan Ka’. Kushal is that actor who gets to play the lead but has least dialogues in the show. His only concern in the show is to get few dialogues more than Bindiya the female lead. In a brief conversation with Karan Godwani a.k.a Kushal from Tv, Biwi aur Main

How does it feel to play the role of an actor being an actor?

It’s definitely not easy as it sounds. I might be playing an actor but it does have a different shade to it. Adding to that I have to get the comic timing together. I am playing a snobbish actor who is a lead in the show ‘Bindiya, Shringar Ek Suhagan Ka’ but does not get chance to act or even to say a dialogue. He tries to get everyone’s attention by throwing tantrums on the set. So, I have to learn details about the character as I am playing an actor which does not resemble me.

How does comedy come to you?

Comedy is not something that can be done by an actor alone. It’s a group effort and it’s definitely not a single man’s show. Everyone has to play their role to get that smile or laughter on the faces of your audience. Viewers have become very smart these days and they want to see only good comedy. Also, Sony SAB is pioneer in comedy shows and they know what they want so it’s not easy as an actor to play a comic role without a good timing with all his actors.

How does it feel to be back on Sony SAB?

I have started my career in television with ‘Jugni chali Jalandar’ on Sony SAB so I know how they work. I am very comfortable working with them. It’s always a warm welcome that I get wherever I am doing anything for SAB TV. I know if I make mistake there people to help me.

Which genre do you prefer fiction or a comedy show?

I don’t prefer any genre as such. As an actor I want to be more versatile, so that people can say I fit into all the roles. However, I like doing comic roles because I don’t have to cry and use glycerin all the time. Comedy is very light hearted and makes you happy at the end of the day.

What is funniest thing you have heard about yourself?

People often come to me and tell me that I have very beautiful legs. I am ashamed sometimes to even go barefooted in any scene. I get very conscious when someone tells me that I have beautiful legs. Actress and even Actors I have used worked with have told me that I have beautiful legs. It’s really hilarious when a guy compliments you on your legs. 

To know more about Karan a.k.a Kushal, tune-in to Tv, Biwi aur Main, Monday-Friday at 9.30 only on Sony SAB!

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