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Delhi police saved the life of a doctor , who was kidnapped by some miscreants for want of 5 crores ransom. Mr. avindra Yadav (IPS) JointCommissioner of Police,  said on July 7, areport of missing was lodged by Dr. Rakesh of Metro Hospital, Preet Vihar ,Delhi at P.S. Preet Vihar, regarding missing of his colleague namely Dr.Sreekanth in the night of 06-07-2017.

Delhi police saved the life of a doctor , who was kidnapped by some miscreants for want of 5 crores ransom. Mr. avindra Yadav (IPS) JointCommissioner of Police,  said on July 7, areport of missing was lodged by Dr. Rakesh of Metro Hospital, Preet Vihar ,Delhi at P.S. Preet Vihar, regarding missing of his colleague namely Dr.Sreekanth in the night of 06-07-2017.

Another complaint was received on same day from the OLA company that one of the drivers has called them to convey tha he has kidnapped the customer. Dr. A. Sreekanth had booked a cab from near Preet Vihar Metro Station for going to Gautam Nagar, Delhi. An OLA cab bearing registration number DL-1R-TC 1611 (WagonR) had picked him up for this journey.

Subsequently, on 08-07-2017, the OLA cab driver of the said vehicle/cab made a telephone call at their Customer Care Helpline and informed that he had kidnapped the passenger who boarded his cab. The caller/driver of the OLA Cab, (Ramvir Kumar, as per the records available with OLA) further demanded a ransomof Rs. 5 Crores for releasing the said passenger.A case of kidnapping for ransom wasregistered and investigations were taken up in right earnest. 

In addition, photograph of the suspected cab driver was alsoprovided. However, since the kidnappers had planned in great details and takenall precautions to conceal their identity by preparing so many fake documents,it could be safely presumed that there was a strong likelihood of thephotograph also being fake.

The doctors at the Metro Hospital informed the relatives of the abducted victim at his native place in Telangana. Uncle of the abducted victim reached Delhi and was assured of all possible efforts by Delhi Police to safely rescue the victim.

All the details provided by the Ola Company was proved fake.  When ransom calls started from the kidnapper. The kidnapper used to called in a very threatening tone and language as if he had rehearsed making suchcalls. He threatened to kill the customer if 5 Crores was not paid by the company. He also sent some videos in which victim was made to beg for hisrelease & life. He issued stern warnings to kill the victim unless the amountis arranged quickly.

Further investigations from OLA revealed that this cab had been registered only three days ago and this was the first passenger it picked upafter having been attached to OLA. The very first passenger happened to be the victim doctor. Owing to the gravity of the matter and the serious threat & repercussionson the life of the victim, several teams of East District were constituted led by DCP/East, Sh. Ombir Singh Vishnoi and comprising of Addl. DCPs SriSathiyaSundaram and Sri N.K. Meena, ACPs Shri Ankit Singh, Shri Hemant Tiwari andShri Rahul Alwal, ably supported by several Inspectors Maninder Singh, SanjeevVerma, Roopesh Khatri, D.P. Singh, Videsh Singhal, Prashant Yadav, Ajay Kumar,Rajesh Dangwal & Manish Joshi, SIs, HCs and Constables. Besides, a team ofACP Manoj Pant of Shahdara District and Inspectors Aishbir and Vinay ofNorth-East District and Inspector Bhushan of Special Cell were also part of thejoint operations.

Since the identity of kidnappers was completely blind, all theteams were given specific tasks to meticulously follow each and every smalllead which could help in identifying the criminals. The teams worked hardceaselessly to unearth the entire racket. The team camped in villages, fields,canals, jungles in difficult conditions to make the operation successful.

Gradually, it emerged that the kidnappers were based in Uttar Pradeshand Uttarakhand and were changing their locations frequently. The area coveredwas huge comprising of places like Ghaziabad, Bulandshahar, Baghpat, Hapur,Meerut, Bijnor, Muzzafarnagar and Haridwar etc. Owing to this, the local policeof Meerut Range led by IGP Shri Ram Kumar and SSP Meerut Smt. Manzil Saini andAddl. SP STF, Shri Alok were also taken into confidence and they helped inproviding logistics and support.

In an effort to identify the accused driver, various documentssubmitted by the alleged were verified, a number of executives and vendors ofOLA who assist in the process of attachment of vehicles and drivers werequestioned. More than hundred vehicles similar to the suspected vehicle werescreened. Several disgruntled drivers were interrogated and their profiles wereanalysed in depth.

The kidnappers used the victim’s phone to make calls for theransom amount and had switched off phones to evade surveillance. This forcedour teams to activate the informer networks and concentrate on humanintelligence. The teams stationed in various places in UP and Uttrakhand werecontinuously alert and on watch of criminal elements and suspicious persons.Some very promising leads started coming but could not materialize since thekidnappers were continuously and quickly changing the locations. During onesearch operation, the accused fled in sugarcane fields leaving behind thevehicle used in kidnapping.

Finally on 19/07/2017, a specific input was received about thelocation of abductors and the victim. A raid was conducted by the team of ACPShri Hemant Tiwari and Inspectors Prashant and Ajay. The house was cordoned off.When the kidnappers realised that they have been surrounded by police, theyopened fire on the police party. In retaliatory firing for self-defence, ACPand team fired back. One of the kidnappers sustained bullet injuries on hisleft leg and he was taken for medical treatment. The victim was safely rescuedand handed over to his family members.

During thepreliminary interrogation and investigation, it is revealed that abscondingaccused Sushil and his brother, Anuj, both residents of village Dadri, are mastermindsof this heinous crime. For several months, they had been planning to execute afool-proof ransom operation wherein their identities would remain hidden. They were very sure that their identities would remain secret and used to say thatit will ever remain a mystery as who he is. They had taken great pains to planeach and every step meticulously, exploiting the several fake documents theyhad prepared for the crime. They roped in their neighbours Gaurav Sharma andVivek @ Modi, and their relative Pramod. They had identified several hideoutsto conceal the victim. They had also planned the timing to coincide with thehuge rush of Kanwar pilgrims which leads to traffic jams and hampers mobilityof police. They were super confident of achieving their goal of getting 5 croreswithout being caught ever.

They had earlierbeen associated with OLA as drivers and they knew in depth how the systemoperates, right from registering a vehicle to other procedures. There is aslight gap in verification process, which they exploited. They were very clearin their mind that OLA will pay ransom for the sake of their reputation. Andthe company had the paying capacity to pay huge amount as ransom. They neverdemanded any money from the family of the victim and tried to portray to victimthat he was merely incidental to the crime and it was OLA that they weretargeting.

Police identified the accused as  Pramod Kumar S/o Brahm Singh R/o Rama Garden, Rohta Road, Meerut (44 yrs) ermanentaddress:- Vill-Bhumma, P.S. Meerapur, Teh-Jansath, Distt. Muzaffarnagar, U.P. Amit Kumar@ Billu S/o Om Prakash R/o Village- Kadhi, P.O. Meerapur, Kasampur Khola,Teh-Jansath, Distt. Muzaffarnagar U.P. (Age-37 yrs.) Sohanveer S/o Shri Ram Singh R/o H.No. 112, Sector-4B,Shatabdi Nagar, Meerut,U.P. (49 yrs). Permanent R/o Vill-Bhumma, P.S. Meerapur,Teh-Jansath, Distt. Muzaffarnagar, U.P. Nepal @Goverdhan S/o Jagmal R/o Village – Shabbirpur, P.S. Badgoan, The- Rampur,Distt. Sahranpur, U.P. (Age-44 yrs).

Police recovered 2 Pistols, 18 LiveRounds of Ammunition,  WagonRCar (White), 4 Masks, Aluminum Foils, Rubberbands & other stationary items and fake documents. 

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