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Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal here today decided to provide loan of Rs. 750 crore to the discoms at a concessional rate of interest which is about 3% lower than the market rate under the Ujjwal Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY) Scheme.

As per the scheme, the state government was required to take over 75 per cent of the debt of Haryana DISCOMs as on September 30,2015. The total debt as on the said date was estimated to be Rs 34,600 crore and 75 per cent of the debt amounting to Rs 25,950 crore has already been taken over by the state government and bonds issued there against at an average interest rate of 8.2 per cent per annum.

The Cabinet was informed that various initiatives and schemes have been implemented to reduce Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT and C) losses in the state. Urban Feeder Sanitization and Mhara Gaon Jagmag Gaon (MGJG) scheme are being implemented in urban and rural areas respectively. In both these schemes, Nigam has focused on the four major activities including improving accurate reading of energy meters via replacement of defective, faulty, burnt, glass broken, no display, inconsistent, electromechanical, and old version meters; minimizing occurrence of theft of energy via relocation of meters which are located inside the Consumer premises and are prone to theft of energy; preventive measures to eliminate direct theft of energy via replacing Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) bare conductors present in the theft prone areas with LT AB Cables to eliminate direct theft of energy and releasing of new connections in unauthorized colonies, pending connections, un-electrified households to bring them in to billing net.
Further, in urban areas, periodic checking is carried out focusing on Monthly Minimum Charges (MMC) Cases, Average Billing Cases, defective meters, electro-mechanical meters and similar exception lists being generated from the billing database. In Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (UHBVNL), the work of urban feeder sanitization on 347 feeders out of 586 feeders has been completed so far. In Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (DHBVNL), the work of urban feeder sanitization on 513 feeders out of 721 feeders has been completed.

It was also informed that under the Mhara Gaon Jagmag Gaon Scheme, in UHBVNL, 278 feeders have been covered under the scheme (Phase I to III) out of which the activities have been completed on 138 feeders and the supply hours increased accordingly. Another 125 feeders have been selected under Phase-IV. Similarly, in DHBVNL, 263 feeders have been covered under the scheme (Phase I to III) out of which the activities have been completed on 91 feeders and the supply hours increased accordingly. Another 125 feeders have been selected under Phase-IV.

Haryana DISCOMs have implemented the Surcharge Waiver Scheme and Voluntary Disclosure Scheme in financial year 2016-17 and 2017-18 for recovery of defaulting amount. As many as 179521 consumers opted for the Surcharge Waiver Scheme and an amount of Rs. 177.15 crore has been received from them. Similarly, 88722 consumers opted the Voluntary Disclosure Scheme and an amount of Rs 30.41 crore has been received from them.

The Cabinet was informed that preventive maintenance has been started in the DISCOMs. In UHBVNL, out of 2,657 feeders, patrolling activities of 2021 feeders and maintenance work of 905 feeders has been completed. In DHBVNL, out of 4,603 feeders, patrolling activities of 3684 feeders and maintenance work of 1133 feeders has been completed and the balance would be completed by September 2017. Further, Thermo Vision camera has been deployed at sub-station level to detect hot spots.

Meter reading for all consumers through Hand Held Device has been introduced where the meter reading of the consumers will be downloaded directly to the device without any manual or human intervention. The loss of units due to malpractice or human error will be mitigated by this process. Apart from this, reward scheme has also been introduced under which it has been decided to give incentive of 20 percent of the amount realized on account of final settlement will be paid to the authorised officer or official concerned or Nigam employee or private person including informer, if any, to personnel carrying out vigilance work.
Aggressive Theft Detection campaign has been initiated and in the last 31/2 months, thefts of Rs. 126 crore have been detected. In addition, in UHBVNL consumer indexing in Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) areas of 8,51,100 consumers out of 9,19,060 has been completed. Further, 2,832 feeders have been tagged out of 3,601 feeders in non-RAPDRP areas. Likewise, in DHBVNL consumer indexing in R-APDRP areas of 9, 05,750 consumer out of 10,61,302 has been completed. Further, 3,024 feeders have been tagged out of 3,513 feeder in non-RAPDRP areas.
Under the UJALA Scheme, against targeted sale of 30 lakh LED bulbs, 1.25 crore LED bulbs have been sold.

Similarly, 32755 energy efficient fans and 1.24 lakh tube lights have been sold. DISCOMs have started the campaign for distribution of LED in Rural areas to reduce the input energy in these areas. It was also informed in the meeting that several digital initiatives have been taken to facilitate the electricity consumers in the state. These included online payment facility for electricity bills through net banking, credit card, debit card, online wallet like Paytm, Mpesa and Common Service Center; online facility for submission of application form for new connection, extension of load, reduction of load and change of name; online facility for registration of grievance of consumers and online tracking of grievance; billing alerts and payment alerts on SMS and centralized call center for no electricity complaint with toll free number. As a result, Online payments have increased to nearly 40 % of the total revenue. Also, as a consumer service initiative a feedback cell has been created where regular feedback is being taken from consumers regarding quality of service and corrective action is being taken wherever required. 

CABINET APPROVED FORMULATION OF EDCUATION SERVICE RULES: Haryana Cabinet approved the formulation of Haryana Voluntary State Education Service Rules, 2017 for taking over the teaching and non-teaching staff working on sanctioned or aided posts in aided schools. Rule 6 relating to responsibility of managements of aided schools and Rule 7 relating to constitution of committees for redressal of the grievances have been included in the Rules to watch the interests of the students and their parents and to avoid misutilisation of land and building by the managements of the aided schools and to ensure clearance of the dues of the employees prior to their appointment under these rules.

Under these rules, grant-in-aid would not be payable to the aided schools in respect of the posts incumbent of which have been taken over in the Voluntary Education Service. However, if any employee does not opt for Voluntary Education Service, then grant-in-aid for such employee would continue to be reimbursed as per the provision made in Rule 54 of the Haryana School Education Rules, 2003.

The mere taking over of employees in the Voluntary Education Service would not absolve the management of the responsibility to clear the pending dues. The employees taken over would have every right to claim their dues from the previous management in respect of the previous services benefit by them.The managements of the aided schools would also have to commit in indemnity or security bond to not enhance their fee with regard to the existing students till they pass out of the school on the grounds that one or more of their employees have left the school since these rules came into force.Fine of Rs one lakh would be imposed for each minor violation committed by managements of aided schools with respect to utilisation of land and buildings of the schools for non-educational purposes after taking over the staff in Voluntary Education Service. In case of major violations, NOC and recognition of the defaulting schools would be withdrawn. A district-level committee headed by District Education Officer or District Elementary Education Officer and comprising one Block Education Officer or Block Elementary Education Officer and one representative of the aided schools concerned as Members, would be constituted to redress the grievances of the students and their parents in case any complaint is filed by them.

CABINET APPROVED AMENDMENTS IN HARYANA VISHWAKARMA SKILL UNIVERSITY ACT:Chandigarh, July 25 – Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, here today, has approved amendments in the Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University Act, 2016 to effectively discharge various functions of the university as per national and international requirements of skill courses to be started from the academic session 2017-18.Amendments include those relating to powers and functions of the university to create posts of Directors, Principals, university teachers, non-vacation academic staff, non-teaching skilled, administrative and ministerial staff and other posts required by the university, prescribe their qualifications, experience and payscales, and make appointments. It would also enable establishment, maintenance and management, wherever necessary, of Knowledge Resource Centre, university extension boards, information bureaus and employment guidance bureaus autonomous evaluation boards.

The State Government would constitute a selection committee consisting of one nominee of the Chancellor and two nominees of the Executive Council, three months prior to the expiry of term of Vice-Chancellor, which would prepare a panel of at least three names, from which the Chancellor would appoint the Vice-Chancellor on the advice of the Government.The Academic Council would be amended to the Skill Council, which would be the principal academic body of the university and subject to the provisions of this Act, Statutes and Ordinances, would coordinate and exercise general supervisions over all academic and skill training policies of the university. Amendments would be made in ordinances and their scope to keep the courses subsidised for the first three years from the start of the course as the university would be in its infancy. The amendments would enable starting an apprenticeship programme which has fund to promote work study programme and provides stipend to the students.  

30 LAND OUSTEES TO GET EMPLOYMENT: Cabinet pproved employment to 30 land oustees of Indira Gandhi Super Thermal Power Plant, Jhajjar. The appointment to land oustees will be given in Haryana Power Utilities. It may be mentioned here that the then Chief Minister had announced to provide employment to one member each of the families whose more than two acres land was acquired for the setting up of Indira Gandhi Super Thermal Power Plant, Jhajjar.  

HARYANA APPROVED 452 INTRASTATE ROUTES FOR PRIVATE OPERATORS:  Keeping in view the huge demand for passenger transport services, Haryana Government today approved a draft Stage Carriage Permit Scheme-2017 under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 under which 452 intra-state routes will be given to private operators in the state. A decision to this effect was taken in a meeting of State Cabinet held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal here today. Under the State Carriage Permit Scheme, any State Transport Undertaking, person or society, firm, company in the state would be eligible to apply for permit on intra-state routes. The permits will be granted as per the terms and conditions fixed by the State Government.The permits will be granted to an applicant subject to the clearance of dues in respect of previous permits, if any. The permits already granted under the City Bus Service Scheme, 2004 will be valid.
The Cabinet also approved the Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2017, and reduced the rate of interest from 1.5 per cent to one per cent on amount of tax due and penalty.

This Ordinance would validate the tax collected from September 19, 2016 to March 31, 2017. The reduction in the rate of interest from 1.5 per cent to one per cent would further rationalise the interest rate. The Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 2016, was enacted on September 19, 2016 to collect tax on all types of vehicles by the Transport Department (Regulatory Wing). Thereafter, the Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules, 2016 were also notified on February 3, 2017 and the same came into force with effect from April 1, 2017.  

ONE YEAR EXTENSION TO ELIGIBLE AREAS AS CIVIC AMENITIES: Haryana Cabinet approved the amendment in the Haryana Management of Civic Amenities and Infrastructure Deficient Municipal Areas (Special Provision) Act 2016 to make a special provision for providing one year extension to declare eligible areas as civic amenities and infrastructure deficient municipal areas in the state.

There are a number of unauthorized areas falling in municipal limits which have 50 per cent or more constructed plots and fulfill other parameters of the Act 2013. The government had decided to notify colonies as civic amenities and infrastructure deficient areas fulfiling parameters as on March 31, 2015 so that deficient amenities and infrastructure can be provided in such areas.As per the amendment in section 4 (1) and (2) of the Act, extension of one more year is given to declare such eligible areas as civic amenities and infrastructure deficient municipal areas.The government had already initiated the process of survey of such civic amenities and infrastructure deficient municipal areas falling within municipal limits in the state. Total 1056 proposals of colonies from 79 municipalities have been received.  

RETIREMENT AGE LIMIT ENHANCED FROM 58 TO 60  HEADING ZILA SAINIK BOARD: Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, here today, decided that the persons heading Zila Sainik Boards and Assistant Secretary of the Rajya Sainik Board would retire at the age of 60 years instead of 58 years at present. Maximum age at the time of recruitment will remain 57 years. The Secretary of the Rajya Sainik Board, who now has been re-designated as Director, Sainik and Ardh Sainik Welfare Department, will also retire at the age of 60 years only. Since the recruitment age for the Director, Rajya Sainik Board has not been specified in the guidelines, it may also be kept at 57 years maximum.

ENTERTAINMENT DUTY APPROVED: The Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal here today, approved the introduction of “The Haryana Municipal Entertainment Duty Bill, 2017” to levy entertainment duty for admission to public entertainments in the state.  Earlier the entertainment duty was imposed on public entertainments in accordance with the provisions of Punjab Entertainment Duty Act 1955, which has been repealed after the enactment of Haryana Goods and Services Tax Act-2017.  The entertainment duty to be imposed on public entertainments will be collected by concerned Urban Local Bodies and the funds received would be utilized for the development or betterment of civic amenities in the urban areas by the municipality. 

The entertainment duty will be levied on the entertainment points, outlets etc. in the areas of Urban local bodies of the state. The entertainment duty will be uniform across the state which will be determined by the government. There will be a common list of exempted events or shows of entertainments. There will be a regular check and monitoring of the prescribed authority of Urban Local Bodies on the proprietors of an entertainment provider.

CABINET GRANT RELAXATION ON POLICY ON CASH AWARD: Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, here today, has given ex-post facto approval for granting relaxation in the provisions under the Haryana Sports and Physical Fitness Policy-2015.In view of the announcement made by the Chief Minister, the cash prizes to the medal winners and their coaches/judge referee and participants of Rio Olympic Games held from August 5 to 21, 2016, have been given by getting relaxation in the Policy for giving cash award in the same financial year, giving cash awards to those sportspersons who are not residents of Haryana, or not representing Haryana in national championships and providing award to coaches. For future a policy be framed for incentives to coaches and referee.

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