July 28, 2017 09:00 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

A delegation of AAP MLA’s Kanwar Sandhu, Nazar Singh Mansahia, Harpal Cheema and Pirmal Singh led by S. Sukhapl Singh Khaira LoP met Justice J.S.Narang and brought to his notice about the following gross financial irregularities amounting to “benami” transactions, “hawala” operations and money laundering by frontmen of Rana Gurjeet Singh Irrigation and Power Minister, in the recently held e-auction of sand gravel mining quarries by Punjab government.

As per startling revelations by The Tribune newspaper dated 25.05.17, four employees of the said Minister Rana Gurjeet Singh made bids to the sand mining quarries. One of them his cook Amit Bahadur, bagged the most expensive quarry of V. Saidpur Khurd in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar for a whopping Rs. 26.51 crore. Similarly, other employees namely Kulwinderpal Singh bagged the Mehadipur quarry also in SBS Nagar for Rs. 9.31 crore, Gurwinder Singh bagged Rampur Kalan quarry in Mohali district for Rs. 4.11 crore and Balraj Singh the Bairsal quarry for Rs. 10.58 crore. Of these two employees namely Amit Bahadur of Nepalese origin deposited first installment of Rs. 13.50 crore through RTGS into the account of Punjab government on 23.05.2017 and so did other employee Kulwinderpal Singh.It is pertinent to mention here, that Amit Bahadur earns a meager monthly salary of Rs. 11,000 and his Income Tax returns of 2015-16 showed an annual income of Rs. 92,680 (documents attached). Kulwinderpal Singh also is a small time employee of the Minister’s firm Rana Sugar Ltd. for a few thousand rupees.

Delagation said, we are of the firm opinion, that these persons with such meager resources cannot deposit huge sums of money like Rs. 13.50 crore to the account of Punjab government in one stroke through RTGS. Although Rana Gurjeet Singh Minister later stated that Amit Bahadur and the other named employees had left his company a month back, The Tribune newspaper report dated 30.05.17 revealed that Amit Bahadur was still a Director in three companies belonging to the family of Minister registered at the official address of Rana Sugars Ltd., SCO 51-52, Sector 8-C, Chandigarh, with his official email id.

Unfortunately, the Punjab government in a bid to shield and protect its Minister made no effort to trail the account of Amit Bahadur or source of money i.e. Rs. 13.50 crore deposited by him. The government allowed the accused Amit Bahadur and others to manipulate their accounts, fabricate documents including some agreements as an afterthought.There is not an iota of doubt that the money channeled through the accounts of Amit Bahadur and the other employees of the Minister actually belong to the companies and family of Rana Gurjeet Singh. Amit Bahadur and other employees named are only his frontmen and henchmen to carry out his illegal operations.Rana Gurjeet Singh has also admitted to his financial dealings with Amit Bahadur in the 2017 affidavit filed before the Election Commission of India as a candidate from Kapurthala assembly constituency.

The above mentioned transactions made by Amit Bahadur and others are completely “benami” in nature and amounts to “hawala” and money laundering. By doing so, the Minister and his accomplishes have cheated, defrauded and evaded various taxes by indulging in “benami” and “hawala” transactions.

Although, we are very surprised that the Punjab government while issuing notification of terms of reference for the commission has purposely not included to trace the source of money/ money trail, we hope that you will definitely look into the fact that how such a whopping Rs. 13.50 crore was channeled through the account of Amit Bahadur as payment for the above stated mining site. Delation demanded  strict action against the tainted Minister and his frontmen for their “benami” transactions in accordance with the law. 

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