July 31, 2017 09:18 AM


New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of Special Cell led by Inspr. Satendra Mohan under the supervision of Shri Govind Sharma, ACP/SR, Special Cell has busted an Inter-State gang of illegal fire arm trafficking racket and apprehended one Woman namely Mobai (declared proclaimed offender in case FIR No. 8/14 u/s 25 Arms Act, PS Special Cell, NewDelhi) aged 45 years w/o Devram r/o Vill. Umarti, PS Warla, Distt. Barwani, MP.Total 14 illegal semi-automatic sophisticated pistols of 7.65 mm with 14 sparemagazines have been recovered from the accused person. The recovered weaponsare engraved with “Made in England” and “Made in USA” markings. 

PS Kushwah, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Cell said, it had come to notice that arms manufacturers and suppliers from MP are supplyingsophisticated firearms in Delhi-NCR and adjoining areas of UP. Accordingly, ateam of Special Cell led by Inspector Satendra Mohan was deputed to identifythe gang in Delhi & NCR. This team worked diligently and relentlessly bydeploying informers in and around Delhi NCR, MP and UP West.

Police sasid on 26.07.2017, a specific information wasreceived that one woman supplier ofillegal arms namely Mobai, who is also a PO (proclaimed offender), would comenear Red light Shastri Park, Eastern approach Road, Delhi between 6:00 to 7:00 PM to deliver a huge cache of semi-automatic weapons to meet her contacts.Accordingly, a trap was laid by the team of Insp. Satendra Mohan near Red lightShastri Park, Eastern approach Road, Delhi. At about 6:30 PM, one woman camefrom the side of Red light Shastri Park towards Seelampur. She was carrying ablack and red colour bag on her right shoulder. She started waiting there forsomeone. After some time when no oneturned up and as she was about to leave, she was overpowered and apprehendedwith the help of accompanying woman staff. She was identified as Mobai, aged 45years w/o Devram r/o Vill. Umarti, PS Warla, Distt. Barwani, MP.

On checking the black and red colour bag ofaccused Mobai, 14 semi-automatic sophisticated pistols with 14 spare magazineswere recovered. A case vide FIR No. 55/17 dated 26.07.2017 u/s 25 Arms Act, PSSpecial Cell, New Delhi has been registered.

INTERROGATION: Interrogation ofMobai revealed that these weapons were collected by herfrom a manufacturer in Gandhwani, Distt. Dhar, MP and the same were to besupplied to various contacts in Delhi NCR and Western UP. Mobai duringinterrogation, admitted that she had supplied weapons in Delhi NCR and UP Westto different persons on several occasions in the last fifteen years.

Police said Mobai was born in 1968 in Village Umarti, PS Warla, Distt. Barwani, MP. She got married to one Devram r/oDhule, Maharashtra. After some time she along with husband returned to herparental home and started living there. She is having 5 children. Earlier she was working as a laborer infields but her income was not sufficient to fulfill her basic needs. Beingunable to make sufficient earnings, she came in contact with arms traffickersof Distt. Barwani and Dhar, MP. Thereafter, she started supplying illegal armsfor local arms traffickers. She used to collect illegal semi-automatic pistolsfrom manufacturer of Distt. Dhar and Barwani, MP and further supplies them inDelhi, NCR and UP West.

She is found involved in three cases of arms supplying registered at PS Warla, MP, PSSagar, MP and PS Special Cell, New Delhi. Earlier she along with her associate Samsu was arrested in case FIR No. 8/14 u/s 25 Arms Act, PS Special Cell, New Delhi when they were found in possession of 9 pistols. During course of trialshe did not appear before the Hon’ble Court of CMM Patiala House Courts and wasdeclared PO (proclaimed offender) on 16-05-2017.

Her other involvements are being verified from his local police station. Forward and backward linkage is yet to beascertained. Investigation is in progress.

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