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SSP Eish Singhal said, we are open to investigation idpendently and impartially and waiting legal opinion as the police sought in some cases. they were investigating the matter with an "open mind" and were taking legal opinion on several issues pertaining to the case. He rejected the claims that the force was under any kind of pressure, noting that an FIR was immediately registered in the case and the accused promptly arrested. "Chandigarh police is a professional investigating agency. We are conducting a fair investigations. There is no pressure on us of any kind," he said while replying to queries at a press conference here this evening. Chandigarh police giving information that they have retrieved footage of 5 CCTV Cameras on the route capturing the chase of Victim's vehicle by the alleged vehicle.

BJP Leader Subramaniyam
Kejriwal: cultprits should not be spared
Krron Kher: rubbish charges
Captain condemn incident
To a question on why kidnapping charge had not been slapped against the accused, Singhal said, "We are proceeding in this case with an open mind and if any such section is to be added, we will definitely add it (in the FIR already registered in the case), but we are not working under any pressure."

Opposition parties have accused the Chandigarh police of working under pressure and "weakening" the case by not adding kidnapping charge against the two accused, one of whom is son of Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala.

The woman in her complaint had mentioned that there was an attempt to kidnap her by the accused. "To me it was very clear that that these boys intended to abduct me even tried to open the door," the victim had said in her complaint.Asked why legal opinion had not been sought so far, Singhal said, "we have been investigating this case for three days only"."There are many things on which we are seeking legal opinion and let these be completed. Don't turn this case into a media trial," the SSP said.

Singhal said the police has reconstructed the scene of crime. "We have identified several CCTV cameras on the route taken by the accused and we are in the process of taking footage and when their technical analysis is complete, we will let you know," he said. "At present, we are thoroughly looking into all the facts of the case from various angles," he added. On allegations that six CCTV cameras on the route were non-functional, he replied, "I can brief about this only when the technical analysis is complete.""We are analysing every single camera on that road stretch. When technical analysis is complete, details will be put before you."To another query, he said, "We are here to provide all sorts of help to the victim".

Meanwhile BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy entered in the whole of the matter on Monday said that he is going to file a public interest litigation (PIL) in the case of "attempted abduction of a IAS officer's daughter by two drunk goons" in Chandigarh. "Police did a u-turn in the case. They booked the accused under a bailable offence and then let them go," Swamy told to an agency. "I will file a PIL with my associate lawyer A.P. Jagga in Chandigarh on attempted abduction of the IAS officer's d ..  

Barala's son Vikas (23) and Ashish Kumar (27) were earlier arrested for allegedly stalking the woman, daughter of a senior IAS office, here. However, both the accused were released later on bail as they were booked under bailable sections of the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act.

The incident had come to light when the woman, around 28 years of age, called up the police on Friday night, complaining that two youth were chasing her along a stretch of over five kilometre from Chandigarh right up to a point in the Union Territory, adjoining Haryana's border.. Even Vernika complaintant said to media that Chandigarh Police helped her to save her from the clutches of the accused on a help call.

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 Meanwhile BJP MP Kirron Kher on Monday said Chandigarh police was not facing any political pressure in the woman stalking incident, in which the Haryana BJP chiefs son and one more person have been booked, and assured the victim and her family that justice would be done.
She lamented that certain "wild allegations" like the one on CCTV footage going missing were being made and stressed that the law would take its course.

The victims father, a senior Haryana IAS officer, VM Kundu, who had taken to the social media to urge people to fight crime against women, told reporters that he had full faith in the system and was grateful to Chandigarh police for "saving" his daughters life.He said he had requested the Home Department immediately after the FIR was lodged that care be taken to secure the CCTV footage.He also said that "unless somebody from the family (of the accused) is trying to sabotage the investigations and the prosecution, they are not involved in this, we are very clear. We do not hold the family responsible in any way." His response came as the opposition stepped up demand for resignation of BJP state chief Subhash Barala and criticised the Chandigarh police for not charging his son with kidnapping in the incident. Kher, the MP from Chandigarh, today rubbished claims that the accused were booked under lenient provisions as one of them is related to the state BJP leader.

Asked about reported allegations that CCTV footage was missing, Kher said, "these people who are saying about footage going missing are making wild allegations. "The police have assured the victim and her family that wherever CCTV cameras are installed and any footage that the cameras would have captured is going to be kept secure." Assuring the victim and her family that justice would be done, Kher said, "As a mother, I can understand the sentiments of the victims family at this time. Whatever is legal and correct in this case, will be done."

Meanwhile, Chandigarh BJP Vice President Ramveer Bhatti drew flak for his reported controversial remarks on the incident. Asked about a section of media quoting him as saying that girls and women should not go out alone at midnight, Bhatti said, "What I meant to convey is that it is the responsibility of parents to watch over their children and their activities." Later he withdrew his statement, said, if anybody hurt ,. he says sorry.

"It is a general statement and not directed at the victim. I am saying, be it a boy or a girl, parents should be watching what they are doing. I am not saying that girls should be confined to their homes," he said.  He described the stalking incident as "unfortunate and shameful". "It is a shameful incident. Whatever happened is unfortunate," Bhatti said. Bhatti also attacked the Congress leaders, saying why did they remain "silent" in the rape and murder case involving a minor at Kotkhai in Himachal Pradesh. "See their insensitivity... I am saying that such incidents, wherever these may take place in the country, are highly condemnable," Bhatti said. However, Bhattis reported statement that girls should not step out during the night alone did not go down well with his own party colleague Kher.

"I think this is a very unfortunate statement, which reflects the mindset of many men in this country. I think that Bhatti should have exercised restraint and not made this comment," Kher said.
"There are many young girls and women who work late, they work in hospitals as nurses, at call centres, various other places or go out to watch a movie, go to friends houses, we have to provide them security and safety. We cant put the blame on them why they were out at night, whether its a boy or a girl, both have equal rights". 

Baralas son Vikas(23) and Ashish Kumar (27) were earlier arrested for allegedly stalking the woman here. However, both the accused were released later on bail as they were booked under bailable sections of the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act.

The incident had come to light when the woman, around 28 years of age, called up the police on Friday night, complaining that two youth were chasing her along a stretch of over five kilometre from Chandigarh right up to a point in the Union Territory, which is adjoining Haryanas border.
Stalking victim, her father vow to continue fight

In the meantime the victim’s father said she not been the daughter of an IAS officer, things could have ended differently. "If I had been a village girl, probably I would not have the resources to fight these guys," she said. However, she also said, "If we (being daughter of IAS officer) dont do it (pursue the case), then who will. Like with my father and his post, if we are not going to do this (pursue the case), then how can we expect others to raise their voices," she said. At the same time, she also said, "But I have the power of people behind me, never before in my life have I felt so much support." The victims father said he had full faith in the investigations.

"In all honesty, I must say Chandigarh police have actually saved my daughters life and I am grateful for that. "I have faith in the system and law of this land and I must say that my daughter is alive today because the system works. If the Chandigarh police system of helping out women in distress did not work, it is quite possible that she might not have been alive today," he said.

The IAS officer said that it was an issue of safety of a daughter. "Had it been a daughter of a labourer being stalked by some petty criminals, will the offence become any less. They are as much citizens of this country as I am or as that boy is," the victims father told the media. The IAS officer said that Chandigarh police are carrying out their investigations. "Wherever I have any concerns, I actually expressed these to the police authorities and they have assured me that they will do the needful. I had requested the Home Department immediately after the FIR was lodged that care be taken to secure CCTV footage," he said.

On the opposition demand that the Haryana BJP chief should resign as he can influence the investigation, the IAS officer said, "I am very clear that both the accused are young men, they are law students and they are fully aware of the consequences of their action. I do not hold their family responsible for their action."
About Bhatti reported controversial remark, the womans father said, "that kind of statement is outrageous, but I do not want to join any political debate of any kind, Later Bhatti widrew her statement. Victim Father further said I am an administrator, I am a bureaucrat, I do not want to join the debate. "At the same time, I want to say that every daughter in the country has the right to live as free and equal citizen and I absolutely stand by that right. There is no way I can support anyone who say that girls should not step out at this time or that time. They have every right to carry out any lawful activity like any other citizen," he said. The victims father had taken to the social media and urged people to fight crime against women while sharing the ordeal his family had gone through due to the stalking incident. In between Congress on Monday accused the Union Home Ministry and the BJP of covering up the Chandigarh stalking incident by controlling the Chandigarh administration and the police. Investigation Officer of this sensitive case DP (East) Satish Kumar said this is a case of kidnapping and outraging the modesty of a woman. He also said that these offences are non-bailable. Congress leader Randeep Surjewala reiterated that the Chandigarh administration and Chandigarh Police is directly controlled by the Home Ministry and the BJP, in order to protect its leader and his son is conspiring the entire matter to cover up the issue. He added that IO DSP also mentioned that the case falls under Sections 365 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and it can lead to 7-10 years of imprisonment.

Vikas Barala, the accused, was arrested on Saturday on the charges of stalking and harassing the IAS officer's daughter in Chandigarh.He was, however, granted bail on the same day.

A case was registered by the Chandigarh Police against Vikas and other youth under under Section 354 D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 185 (Motor Vehicle Act) of the CRPC on the basis of complaint filed by the woman Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar assured Vikas will be punished once found guilty.

"I have complete faith on the Chandigarh Police. Justice will prevail. The accused will be punished once found guilty. This is my official stand on this matter. This case has nothing to do with Subhash Barala. Such act is highly condemnable if proved correct," the Chief Minister told the media here. Narrating the horrific ordeal, the girl, who is the daughter of an IAS officer, told the media she was lucky for not being the daughter of a common man.

"I'm lucky, it seems, to not be the daughter of a common man, because what chance would they have against such VIPs? I'm also lucky, because I'm not lying raped and murdered in a ditch somewhere," the woman wrote in a Facebook her post, pointing that the two men she accused of perturbing her "are from influential families with political connections,? she said. Meanwhile Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in his tweet on Monday said the culprits should not be spared otherwise no body will believe on Police.
PUNJAB CM CONDEMNS STALKING OF CHANDIGARH GIRL, SAYS NO ATTEMPT SHOULD BE MADE TO DILUTE CHARGES: Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on Monday condemned the alleged incident of stalking of a young girl in Chandigarh by the son of Haryana BJP President and said that no attempt should be made to dilute the charges against the accused.

Talking to newsmen after releasing a book on Khushwant Singh at Press Club of India here, the Chief Minister said that the girl had clearly stated that there was an attempt to abduct her, hence charges should be registered under the relevant sections of the law.
Describing such incidents as extremely unfortunate, he said that he admired the courage shown by the young girl.

In response to a question on Chandigarh police's claim that CCTV footage of the alleged stalking incident was not available as the cameras were "non-functional", the chief minister, "so what if the footage is not available. The girl has made her statement and the police must act on it".

Referring to the issue of safety of women in Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh said that his government was taking steps to curb petty street crimes like snatching to make roads safe for the women. He said that drug addiction in Punjab had led to a rise in such petty crimes, making streets unsafe for women."We have cracked down on drugs and are constantly increasing police presence on the roads to make women feel safe," he said, adding that his government had cut down on VVIP security in a big way and put policemen back on the streets for public duty.

Amidst rumour of resignation and summoning of Subhash Barala by High Command, Rajiv Jain spokesman of Haryana BJP clarified that there was no summonning of Barala by Highmand nor he has submitted resignation nor any question of resigninig, as Barala has faith in police investigastion and law. 

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