September 01, 2017 09:38 AM

Mumbai (Face2News)

 Sony SAB’s TV, Biwi aur Main is keeping the audience glued to the seats, due to its unique storyline and interesting characters. The latest character to enter the show is Child actor Spandan Chaturvedi.

Spandan will play the role of little Munni aka Shimla. Munni arrives at Rajeev’s (Karan Veer Mehra) place claiming that he is her dad i.e. Mr. Gupta. Rajeev’s wife Priya (Shruti Seth) and Amma (Madhuri Sanjeev) are amused by the girls claim. Rajeev mentions that in the past he had met a film star named Simran in Shimla, 10 years back while shooting for a music video for which he travelled with Babuji too. He further states that they had developed a very close relationship with each other, which Priya refuses to believe.

Amma and Priya get further confused and start suspecting whether the girl belongs to Babuji (Ashok Lokhande) or Rajeev as both of them went to Shimla for the shoot and she can be any of the ‘Mr Gupta’s’ daughter. Little Munni shows Priya a video in which Rajeev is seen and claims that the man in the video is her dad. Hearing all this Priya gets suspicious and upset thinking that Munni is Simran and Rajeev’s daughter.

Who is Munni? What is Munni’s real identity? Is she really Rajeev’s daughter?

Commenting on the track, Spandan Chaturvedi who plays Munni says, “I am very happy to be a part of TV, Biwi aur Main. My character is very mischievous who will create a series of misunderstandings between Rajeev and Priya. What we need to wait and watch for is how and when the mystery behind Munni’s birth gets solved. Be sure not to miss it”.

To catch this interesting character, tune into TV, Biwi aur Main from Monday- Friday at 9.30 pm only on Sony SAB!

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