September 08, 2017 08:38 AM
Inaugural Session Panel: (From Left to Right)- Mr. Vinod Sharma- Chairman, CII National Committee on ICTE Manufacturing and Managing Director, Deki Electronics Ltd; Mr. NK Rane- Vice President - Corporate Projects & Manufacturing Engineering, Escorts Ltd.; Mr. Vijay Sethi- Chief Information Officer, Hero MotoCorp Ltd.; Mr Sameer Gupta- Conference Chairman & Past Chairman, CII U P State Council & Chairman and Managing Director, Jakson Group; Mr. Subash Sapru- Head Western UP, Confederation of Indian Industry; Mr Pallab De- Partner,PwC India.

4th edition of Building World Class Manufacturing

Noida (Face2News)

CII organised the 4th edition of ‘Building World Class Manufacturing’ conference on the theme of ‘Smart Manufacturing: the Next Revolution’ in Noida.

Mr Sameer Gupta- Conference Chairman
Conference Chair Mr. Sameer Gupta, Past Chairman, CII U P State Council & Chairman and Managing Director, Jakson Group, underlined the need for innovation as the growth path and way to prosperity for the manufacturing industry. He also opined, “India must invest in research funding to enable smart manufacturing to take roots in our industries, spur additional process and product innovations and make Indian industry competitive.”

Mr. Vijay Sethi, Chief Information Officer, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, reiterated the point of disruptive manufacturing and 3-D printing as the next industrial bench mark to be necessarily achieved by the members of industry if they plan to survive the economy for longer run. He emphasized, “We need to understand our role as to where we need to employ the principles of industry 4.0 within our systems to bring about a rapid revolution in the development and application of manufacturing intelligence to every aspect of our businesses.”

Dr Chandan Chowdhury, Executive Director and Practice Professor, Indian School of Business, brought about the institutional perspective of the impact of Industry 4.0. He discussed the harsh reality of manpower Vs Autobots in near future. He emphasized that on the one hand the redundant jobs will be lost; on the other we will have to up our digital IQ to remain relevant to the system and gain upper hand.

The Conference covered crucial points on Future Disruptive Technologies, Green Factory : Impact of Industry 4.0 on Sustainable Manufacturing, Future of Manufacturing in terms of how to adopt or deal with Smart Manufacturing, its critical success factors on adopting it, Aligning digital strategy with the business goals and Making it successful in Indian environment.

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