September 08, 2017 09:11 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Chandigarh Housing Board has completed scrutiny of the applications received under the Oustee Scheme 2017. Out of Total 782 applications 49 have been withdrawn, 213 applications were received as multiple applications under one Oustees’s Certificate in contravention to Clause-III (XII).

243 applications were received on the basis of Oustee’s Certificate issued under Joint Khata in contravention to Eligibility Clause 4(vii). 85 applications have been found wherein land acquired is less than 2 kanal or acquired before/after the cut off date i.e., 01.11.1966 & 31.10.2007.

69 applicants did not complete the requisite documents; hence only 123 applications have been found Eligible. The Provisional List of Eligible and Ineligible applicants is displayed on the Notice Board at Block ‘C’ as well as uploaded on the website of the Chandigarh Housing Board.

As per terms and conditions of the Oustees Scheme 1996 and Brochure of Oustee Scheme 2017:

(i) No oustee is eligible for allotment of a dwelling unit under this scheme if he or his spouse or any of the dependent members of his family owns a residential site/dwelling unit in Chandigarh, Mohali or Panchkula sub divisions in Punjab and Haryana respectively on lease-hold basis or on free hold basis.

(ii)No oustee is eligible in case he has acquired a house/residential site anywhere in India through Govt./Semi Government/Municipal Committee/Corporation/ Improvement Trust at concessional rates i.e. at reserved/fixed price in his name or in the names of dependent members of his family.

(iii)No oustee is eligible in case he or his spouse or any dependent member of his family has been allotted a residential site/dwelling unit under any scheme of the Chandigarh Administration.

(iv)In case of a joint Khata, the entitlement shall be on basis of the holding under the Joint Khata and co-sharers within the khata would not be taken into reckoning for the purpose of allotment of dwelling unit.

(v)In the case of deceased Oustee, his/her all legal heirs or one of the legal heir duly authorized by other legal heirs is eligible for allotment of flat as per entitlement of land acquired of the deceased Oustee. The authority letter in the shape of affidavit shall be submitted in original along with identity proof of all the legal heirs.

It is made clear that allotment of flats as per entitlement would be made only in the name of all co-oustee / legal heirs of deceased oustees through their authorized applicant. The Provisional Lists of Eligible and Ineligible applicants have been displayed on the Notice Board in Block ‘C’ as well as on the under the tab ‘Public Notices of the CHB. The Provisional Lists of Ineligible applicants due to Multiple Applications against one Oustee Certificate, Land acquired under Joint Khata who did not submit Authority Affidavit from the Joint Khata Holders, Deficiency in Documents, Area of land acquired less than 2 kanal or acquired before/after cut off date i.e. 01.11.1966 and 31.10.2007 respectively is displayed separately.

Objections are invited from the General Public within seven days from the issuance of this Notice regarding the eligibility of the applicants, if any, for inclusion of their name(s) in the Provisional Seniority List of Eligible applicants within seven days from the issuance of this Notice failing which Chandigarh Housing Board would process the applications as per terms and conditions of the Scheme.


A large number of dwelling units of General Housing Schemes, Employees Schemes, and other Special Category Schemes etc. have been allotted by CHB, wherein some common areas have been provided. Some of the allottees have raised a platform on the common area space in front of their D.Us where such space is mostly used by them only. Such allottees are approaching CHB for permission for raising platform in the common area in front of their D.U. 

Therefore, Chandigarh Housing Board hereby allows raising of the platform in the common area in front of their DUs subject to the condition that the platform is within the common area and shall not cause any hindrance to free movement.  However, a penal charge of Rs.5000/-(Rs. Five thousand only) will be payable annually in the first month of every calendar year for the same.

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