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 Police recovered Rs. USD 1300 have been recovered from his possession Police solved some cases registered with Airport police station and . 

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With the arrest of an accused Rajesh Kapoor s/o Yashpal Kapoor r/o 1433, GopalGali, Sangat Rashan, Paharganj, Delhi, Age-35 Years, IGI Airport Unit has cracked a theft case in no time that occurred on 30.09.2017. A total of USD 1300 have been recovered in the case.

Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, Deputy Commissioner of Police, IGI Airport, New Delhi. said, on 30/09/2017, thecomplainant Mr. Chen Yang s/o Chen Junming R/o China, complained that he wastravelling from Delhi to Mumbai by flight No. 9W-302 (Jet Airways) at 0945 hrs. When he checked his hand bag after the X-Ray screening, he found that the zip of his bag was opened. He got alarmed and checked his bag thoroughly and found that USD 1400 was stolen from his hand baggage. He reported this matter to the PS IGI Airport on which a case vide FIR No. 390/2017 u/s 379 IPC was registeredat PS IGI Airport.

Mr. Bhatia further said, a  team comprisingof Insp. Krishan Kumar, ATO/IGI Airport, SI Pawan Kumar and HC Yadram under thesupervision of ACP/IGIA, Sh. Ramesh Chand and overall supervision &guidance of the undersigned was constituted. The team immediately swung intoaction and started the operation. CCTV footage was sought and was seen by the investigating team. While the team was watching the footage, SI Pawan got surprised to see one Rajesh Kapoor who has been earlier arrested in theft cases of PS IGI Airport roaming near the X Ray screening area.

On further screening of the CCTV footage minutely, Rajesh Kapoor was seen taking money out of the bag of the complainant. He stole USD 1400 from the hand bag of the complainant while passing through the security check. Further investigation revealed that Rajesh Kapoor took a flight No. UK 995 (Vistara Airlines) for Mumbai at 0950 hrs. CISF and local police at Mumbai Airport were informed immediately tonab the accused. The accused was apprehended and handed over to local police at Mumbai Airport.

Mr. Bhatia told that accused Rajesh Kapoor was subjected to sustained interrogation, who revealed that he had beenpreviously involved in similar theft cases at Railway Stations, New Delhi & IGI Airport also. In January 2017, hehad stolen three credit cards from cabin bag in the flight at IGI Airport andsixteen bottles of imported perfume worth $2016 have been purchased with stolen credit cards. But later on he was arrested by IGI Airport Police. He targets the passengers who travel by air because of there are less chances of beingcaught as nobody suspects such incidents at Airport or in flight.

Accused Rajesh Kapoor is a school dropout from 12th class and initially he used to import goods and sell them indifferent markets. His father is settled in Korea and his mother runs a hotelin Paharganj. For his work, he frequently visited other countries.

Earlier he lived in Singapore and Malaysia for 2 years. While travelling by air, the idea of stealing credit cards/ valuables of co-passengers cropped up his mind as hefound them more vulnerable and least suspecting. He is a habitual offender and has been previously involved in some case registered with  Police recovered Rs. USD 1300 have been recovered from his possession Police solved some cases registered with Airport , Railway police stations and other Police stations. Investigation of the case is in progress and staff involved in this good workwill be suitably rewarded.

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