October 11, 2017 08:05 AM

Chandigarh (Sports desk)

GGD SD College of Sector 32 are poised to lift the team trophy as their six boxers have advanced into the final in their respective categories in the Panjab University Inter-College Boxing Championship at here on Tuesday.

Those GGD SD College boxers who are in line for gold medals are Rohit Kumar (49 kg), Mewa Singh (52 kg), Sandeep (60 kg), Ankush Hooda (69 kg), Aditya Mann (75 kg) and Gourav Dutt (81 kg). Rohit Kumar barged into the final after securing a Referee Stop Contest (RSC) against Rahul Kumar (GNNC, Doraha). His opponent in the final is Amit Kumar of SGGS Khalsa College. Mahilpur who also won by RSC verdict against Sanjeev Sahu (SGGS Sector 26, Chd.) RSC.

Mewa Singh of GGD SD College, Sector 32 and Sandeep Singh of Sri Ram College, Dalla exchanged punch for punh before the former emerged winner with a split decision 3-2 in 52 kg category.

Third GGD SD College boxer Sandeep defeated Gurpreet Singh of SGGS Sector 26, Chandigarh by 4-1 in 60 kg semi-final y 4-1. In the final he will be challenged by Mandeep Singh (Sri Ram College, Dalla) who defeated Gourav Kumar (DAV Sector 10, Chd.) by RSC.

Ankush Hooda (69 kg), Aditya Mann (75 kg) and Gourav Dutt (81 kg), all of GGD SD College, registered RSC verdicts against their respective rivals in the semi-finals.Results (semi-finals): 49 kg: Rohit Kumar (GGD SD Sec. 32 Chd.) bt Rahul Kumar (GNNC, Doraha) RSC; Amit Kumar (SGGS Kh. Mahilpur) bt Sanjeev Sahu (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) RSC.52 kg: Deepak Singh (GCCBA Sec. 50 Chd.) bt Paramjit Singh (GNNC Doraha) RSC, Mewa Singh ( GGD SD Sec. 32, Chd.) bt Sandeep Singh (Sri Ram College, Dalla) 3-2.56 kg: Bal Ram (PG GC Sec. 46, Chd.) bt Shamu (BKS College, Mohar) RSC, Vikas ( SGGS Sec. 26, Chd. bt Karan deep Singh (Sri Ram College, Dalla) 5-0. 60 kg: Mandeep Singh (Sri Ram College, Dalla) bt Gourav Kumar (DAV Sec. 10, Chd.) RSC, Sandeep (GGD SD Sec. 32, Chd.) bt Gurpreet Singh (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) 4-1.64 kg: Madhav (PG GC Sec. 11, Chd.) bt Devashish Shaarma (DAV Sec. 10, Chd.) RSC, Harameet Singh (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) bt Vikas (GGD SD Sec. 32, Chd.) RSC.

69 kg: Ankush Hooda (GGD SD Sec. 32, Chd.) bt Gurkirat Singh (SCD Govt. College, Ldh)RSC, Shubham Sinfgh (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) bt Hardev Mastana (DAV Sec. 10, Chd.) RSC.

75 kg: Aditya Mann (GGD SD Sec. 32, Chd.) bt Gursahiv Singh (AS College, Khanna) RSC, Gurpreet Singh (Arya College, Ldh.) bt Jagwinder Singh (Sri Ram College, Dalla).

81 kg: Shankar (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) bt Jatin Sharma (GPC Alour Khanna) RSC, Gourav Dutt (GGD SD Sec. 32, Chd.) bt Pankaj (PGGC Sec. 46, Chd.) RSC.

91 kg: Ankush Shoree (AS College, Khanna) bt Rahul (GGDSD Sec. 32, Chd.)4-1, Abhishek (PGGC Sec. 11, Chd.) bt Mohit (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd) 1-0.

+91 kg: Sawan Gill (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) bt Rajat ( SGGS Kh. College, Mahilpur) RSC.

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