October 13, 2017 10:05 AM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Haryana and Telangana recorded victories in the boys pre-quarter-finals matches in the 44th Sub-Junior National Championships at the Bangour College Stadium in Didwana (Rajasthan).

On the fifth day of the meet Haryana defeated Tamil Nadu by 75-70 [14-22,6-122,26-13,29-23] in a closely contested match. Haryana were beaten in the first quarter by eight points (14-22) and by 6-12 in the second quarter. Tamil Nadu led 34-26 points. On resmption Haryana boys waged a spirited battle and won the third quarter-final 13 points (26-13). Haryana maintained their pressure in the fourth and final quarter which they clinched by 29-23 and the match. Vikas and Mohit shaped Haryana’s win by contributing an identical sccore of 24 points. For Tamil Nadu, Shibi (18 pts) and Dharnesh (12 pts) were their star performers.

In the second pre-quarter-final encounter, Telangana got the better of Karnataka by 53-47[16-11,12-10,12-12,13-14]. Shibi (18) and Dharnesh (12) were the principal scorers for Telangana. Vedanth contributed 17 points for Karnataka.

Punjab defeated Gujarat by 40-35[10-5,13-7,2-17,15-6]. Yashneet (10) and Kavya (8) did a good job for Punjab while Naomi (15) fought well for Gujarat.

Haryana girls also emerged winners in their pre-quarter-final outing against Madhya Pradesh by 40-33[13-05,9-8,11-10,7-10]. Ritika (21) and Ashu (11) mainly heled Haryana score victory. Manu made 10 points for MP.
Results: Pre-Quarter-finals
1. Haryana(Vikas 24pts, Mohit 24pts) bt Tamil Nadu(Shibi 18pts, Dharnesh 12pts) 75-70[14-22,6-12, 26-13,29-23].
2. Telangana(Nitish 14pts, Sourav 11pts) bt Karnataka(Vedanth 17pts ) 53-47[16-11,12-10,12-12,13-14].
Punjab(Yashneet 10pts, Kavya 8pts) bt Gujarat(Naomi 15pts) 40-35[10-5,13-7,2-17,15-6]
Haryana(Ritika 21pts, Ashu 11pts) bt Madhya Pradesh(Manu 10pts) 40-33[13-05,9-8,11-10,7-10].
Level 2 to 1 Qualification Games
Karnataka(Vedanth 15pts, Ali 11pts) bt Manipur(tanson 8pts) 46-30[10-12,11-7,19-2,6-9].
Tamil Nadu(Shibi 12pts) bt Mizoram(Remruapuia 9pts) 41-24[11-04,17-05,8-5,5-10].
Tamil Nadu(Shibi 11pts) bt Karnataka(Akshay 4pts) 75-21[26-05,11-14,21-2,14-0].
Haryana(Ashu 18pts, Ritika 12pts) bt Andhra Prasesh(Pallavi 11pts) 56-25[13-08,16-03,19-4,12-10].
Gujarat(Rajvi 14pts, Priscilla 8pts) bt Telangana(Hemalatha 11pts) 45-31[12-11,15-03,9-11,9-6].
Gujarat(Naomi 16pts, Priscilla 11pts) bt Haryana(Ashu 17pts) 49-38[14-4,10-16,12-11,13-7]

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