October 23, 2017 08:35 PM

Chandigarh (Face2NewSports)

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector 26, Chandigarh collected 20 points to top the points table for the team championship in the Panjab University Inter College Wrestling Greco Roman (Men) Championship for the session 2017-18 here today.

They struck two golds through Prince (55 kg) and Ashish (130 kg), two silvers through Hemant (82 kg), Vikran (87 kg) and Amit Sharma (72), Krishan (77 kg) and Deepak (97 kg) added one bornze each to swell the medal tally for SGGS College to seven.

DAV College, Sector. 10, Chandigarh, BKS College, Muhar and GGDSD College, Sector. 32,. Chandigarh secured second, third and fourth positions with 18, 15 and 8 points, respectively. Following are the results:-
55 kg: 1 Prince (SGGS College,Sec-26, Chd), 2 Aman Kumar (BKS College, Muhar), 3 Ajay Kumar (GN Kh. College, Abohar) and Zoora Singh (MR Govt. College, Fazilka).
60 kg: 1 Saroor Haider (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 2 Abhishek (GN Kh. College, Abohar), 3 Rakesh Kumar (Jyoti Bed. College, Fazilka) and Lalit Kumar (DAV College, Abohar).
63 kg: 1 Lovedeep (DAV College, Abohar), 2 Sumist (GGD SD College, Sec-32, Chd), 3 Mohd Younes (Govt. College, Hsp.) and Sandeep Singh (DAV College, Malout).
67 kg: 1 Krishan Kant (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 2 Akashdeep (BKS College, Muhar), 3 Ranjan (GHG Kh. College, Gurusar Sadhar) and Yogesh Kamoj (PG GC Sec. 11, Chd.).
72 kg: 1 Lovepreet (GN Kh. College, Abohar), 2 Lovedeep (BKS College, Muhar), 3 Azadbir (Govt. College, Zira) and Amit Sharma (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.).
77 kg: 1 Aditya Kundu (GGD SD College, Sec-32, Chd), 2 Jatin (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 3 Karandeep (BKS College, Muhar) and Krishan (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.).
82 kg: 1 Sonu Kumar (BKS College, Muhar), 2 Hemant (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.), 3 Ajay Malik (PG GC Sec. 11, Chd.) and Prabjot (LR DAV College, Abohar).
87 kg: 1 Vishal Malik (DAV Sec. 10, Chd.), 2 Vikrant (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.), 3 Amandeep (Jyoti B.Ed. College, Fazilka), and Inderjeet (Arya College, Ldh.).
97 kg: 1 Sadam Hussain (Govt. College, Hsp.), 2 Harmanjit (GHG Kh. College, Gurusar Sadhar), 3 Deepak (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.) and Harpreet (GN Kh. College, Abohar).
130 kg: 1 Ashish (SGGS Sec. 26, Chd.), 2 Harjaspreet (GN College, Narangwal), 3 Fateh Singh (GN College, Ferozepur) and Gurvinder (GN Kh. College, Abohar). 

DAVC-10 WINS PANJAB UNIVERSITY WRESTLING :  DAV College, Sector-10, Chandigarh won the Panjab University Inter College Wrestling Free Style (Men) Championship for the session 2017-18 with 26 points while GGD SD College, Sector-32, Chandigarh finished runners-up with 18 points. SGGS College, Sector-26, Chandigarh and BKS College, Muhar secured third and fourth positions with 14 and 9 points, respectively.

57 kg: 1 Ankit Kumar (PGGC, Sec-11, Chd), 2 Aman Kumar (BKS College, Muhar), 3 Rehman (Arya College, Ldh) and Sudhir (SGGS College,Sec-26, Chd).
61 kg: 1 Sumit (GGD SD College, Sec-32, Chd), 2 Mohmmad Younes (Govt College, HSP), 3 Suroon Hader (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd) and Manpreet (AS College, Khanna).
65 kg: 1 Krishan Kant (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 2 Krishan Kaniya (SGGS College,Sec-26, Chd), 3 Akashdeep (BKS College, Muhar) and Abhishek (GN College, Abohar).
70 kg: 1 Jatin (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 2 Yadvinder (SGGS College,Sec-26, Chd), 3 Ali (BKS College, Muhar) and Ashish Sharma (DAV College, Hsp).
74 kg: 1 Parteek (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 2 Lovepreet (BKS College, Muhar), 3 Puran (LLR College, Dhudika) and Harinder Singh (Khalsa College, Abohar).
79 kg: 1 Aditya Kumar (GGD SD College, Sec-32, Chd), 2 Vikas Beniwal (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 3 Lovepreet Singh (L.N.K College, Abohar) and Amandeep (PUCC, Guruharshahi).
86 kg: 1 Sandeep Singh (Malwa College, Bondli), 2 Rakesh Kumar (GGD SD College, Sec-32, Chd), 3 Baljeet Singh (DAV College, Hsp) and Hemant (SGGS College, Sec-26, Chd).
92 kg: 1 Vishal Malik (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd), 2 Jagjit Singh (PUCC, Guruharshahi), 3 Kanishak (SCD Govt College, Ldh) and Inderjeet Singh (Arya College, Ldh).
97 kg: 1 Ankit (GGD SD College, Sec-32, Chd), 2 Harkirat (GPC, Alour), 3 Surinder Pal (Malwa College, Bondli) and Harmanjeet Singh (Khalsa College, Ldh).
76 kg: 1 Ashish (SGGS College, Sec-26, Chd), 2 Sadam Hussain (Govt College, Hsp), 3 Danish (DAV College, Sec-10, Chd) and Harjaspreet Singh (GNC Narangwal).

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