November 02, 2017 07:15 AM


Attired in fancy costumes, bubbling and bustling children, visited the homes in their neighborhood to demand sweets, snacks or gift on Halloween Day which falls on October 31 every year.

It is a spooky celebration. Many children dress up in fancy costumes and visit door-to-door in their neighborhood. As a traditon at each house, they demanded sweets, snacks or a small gift for a 'trick-or-treat' song. If their demands are not met from a house, they 'threaten' to do some harm to the inhabitants of the house.

It happened in a friendly spirit, with no nasty or mean tricks being carried out. A number of children and audlts dressed up as souls of the dead and were understood to be protecting themselves from the spirits by impersonating themThe celebration generally lasted for one and half hours from 6 to 7.30 p.m.

The house owners were ready with their baskets filled with candies, chocolate and other sweets or small gifts to offer to the children singing 'trick-or-treat' song.

In return the children thanked them to appreciate their gesture. The children were accompanied with their parents, grandparents or elders. It was a fun-filled evening with everyone wishing Happy Halloween to each other. Some of the houses created their homes as haunted houses or graveyards. 'Alliens' also became part of the Halloween Festival this year. At the end the parents inspect the sweets/toys to ensure these are safe to eat or play.

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