November 08, 2017 09:06 PM

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The most wanted and elusive gangster of Uttar Pradesh wanted at all India level by several state police has been apprehended by a team of Special Cell led by Insp Umesh Barthwal, Insp Bhushan Kumar Azad,Sub Insp Yogesh, after having been on the run for over two years. This period of two years saw a massive effort being put in by various units of Delhi Policeto trace this criminal, but he remained beyond the reach of law owing to his immensely shrewd ways, movement and refuge strategies.

Habituated of escaping from police custody, Twicefrom UP Police and once from MP police. Being trailed by police forces of several statesincluding Delhi, UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, MP, and others, Involved incases from even Southern and Western parts of India.
Carrying a reward of Rs 2 lakh from Delhi and UP, besides carrying reward on his head by  Haryana & Rajasthan police.

A case Vide FIR No. 3/2013 u/s 3/4 of MCOCA was registered at PS Special Cell against the organized crime syndicate run by notorious criminal Sahun and Salli of Mewat belt of Haryana. In the meanwhile arrested syndicate members namely Sahun s/o Rehman r/o VillageBishambra, PS Shergarh, Mathura (UP) and SherKhan s/o Islam r/o Vill. Vishambra, PS-Shergarh, Teh-Chaatta, Distt-Matura (UP) escaped from custody of MP Police. A case Vide FIR No. 771/2015 date 26.12.2015 u/s 228/224/120-B IPC wasregistered against them at PS Nuh, Haryana. Delhi Police had announced a cashreward of Rs 2,00,000/- on the arrest of above said accused Sahun. He is reportedly carrying reward from UP, Haryana, Rajasthan and MP police on his arrest.

Criminal gangs from Mewat and adjoining area of Mewat have always been criminally active in Delhi particularly in the Southern and outer parts of Delhi. These criminal gangs sneak into Delhi at odd hours to commit crimes. These gangs from the Mewat region have frequented Delhi and have committed some of the most gruesomecrimes/attacks upon Police and public at large causing loss of live and property. Efforts were being made to apprehend them and raids were conducted.

Mr. Pramod Singh Kushwah, DCP/MAC/SpecialCell , said it was revealed through source inputs that Sahun has reorganized his crime syndicate and was planning to visit Delhi to commit someheinous crime. Ground work was intensified to develop informationabout their movement. It was also revealed that these criminals are movingswiftly between Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, UttarPradesh and Hyderabad, and simultaneously changing their hideout.

It was a long and time consuming operation as hewas always a good 12 to 24 hours ahead of the Police team which was trailinghim at all the above mentioned places. However, the Special Cell teampersistently kept trailing him and kept silently developing the traces left byhim at various places. One typical characteristic ofthis criminal discerned by trailing him for nearly three months was that oncein a while, he turned up openly in public places to surprise the police forcesand also challenge them in order to create awe amongst other criminal gangs.

The vast network of informers paid the intendedresults when on November 7,  a specific information was received in eveninghours that Sahun is hiding in a village near Hathin, Haryana. Accordingly teamsraided the hideout in a village but Sahun had already left for UP before theteam could lay hands on him. The team re-activated its source network and soona very specific secret input was received from Hathin, HR, only regarding theplan of Sahun to move to western UP to ease out the ongoing police surveillanceand pressure.

In the early hours of 8/11/2017, at about 5.30 AMon receipt of a secret input, Special Cell team was deployed at Kalindi Kunj,when accused Sahun has been spotted atKalindi Kunj chowk, Delhi. When the team of Special Cell tried to overpower himhe opened fire on the police team. To the good fortune, policeparty did not suffer any gunshot injury and after a brief scuffle, Sahun wasoverpowered.

One pistol made in USA of 7.65 bore alongwith 5 live cartridges was recovered from the apprehendedaccused Sahun. A case u/s 186/353/307 IPC read with section 25/27/54/59 ArmsAct has been registered in this regard at PS Special Cell. Further interrogation is underway and his othercriminal involvements in other cases are being verified as he was absconding since long. He is involved in at leat 42 cases , registered in various parts of India.

Brief Profile: Accused was born at Vill. Vishambara, PS Shergarh,Distt. Mathura, UP, in the year 1979. Due to bad economical condition of family he could not got education. Therefore he fell in bad company and started committed crime like MV theft etc. On dated 11.04.04 he alongwith his associates stole Tata sumo from vill. Bhalaswa, Delhi, when it was parked infront of his house. But he was caught by the police in case FIR no. 203/04 u/s/21/61/85 NDPS act PS Ambedkar Nagar, Delhi. Thereafter he continued his criminal activities and and reigned Sahun-Salli gang and committed severalmurders, Highway robberies.

He is involved in several cases across the countryand carries reward on his arrest from many states including Delhi, UP, MP,Rajasthan and Haryana. He is very shrewd and escaped from police custody thrice during his criminal past. 

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