November 16, 2017 07:15 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News)

Students of School of Communication Studies, Panjab University officially raised the curtain on their media fest, at Student Center, PU here today. They organized a flash mob and later carried out a rally throughout the campus to spread the word about Soch and to invite all the students to participate.

 The event started with a dance performance by the students of SCS who enthralled the audience by dancing to regional and groovy music. The catchy tunes struck a chord with the audience who joined in with the performers towards the end. Riya Dutta, English Department, a student who was present for the flash mob said that, "The vigor and energy of the students was commendable.

They have definitely succeeded in their attempt, urging us to come for the fest. It was such fun that we couldnt resist joining-in towards the end." A banner was put up there afterwards with details about Soch including the dates, the theme –“Soch Local Ban Global” and a list of the events to be held. Right after the flash mob, all the students of SCS got together and carried out a rally through the campus. Chanting slogans like sabse ache bache kaun? Mass com!Mass com they passed by various hostels and departments to invite everyone andensure maximum participation.

The rally was well organized and carried out in a sensible way to ensure that the traffic wouldnt come to a standstill. Professor Jayanth N Pethkar, Coordinator of the event said, Our students have been working really hard to make the event a successful one and the way that this flash mob and rally turned out, perfectly showcased their efforts and hard work. We look forward to much more enthusiasm and participation in the coming two days.

Apurva Ahlawat, core member of Soch said, "Students showed great enthusiasm during the flash mob and rally. We grabbed the attention of the crowd present at Student  Centre making the event a great success. "Soch will take place at SCS on 17 - 18 November, 2017 . There are a variety of events and activities planned like Dance Competition, Fashion Show, PU’s got talent, RJ Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Graffiti Competition, Street Play, photography, Ad Mad, Debate, Audio Visual Reporting and Documentary Competition.

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