December 16, 2017 05:51 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
   In a hard hitting statement released here on Sunday Leader of Opposition Sukhpal Singh  Khaira said that the writ filed by SSP Moga Raj Jit Singh seeking an independent and impartial inquiry into his connections with drug mafia, has very strongly vindicated our allegations that if a SSP of the Punjab police himself fears false implication and knocks the doors of the High Court, one can imagine how bad is the credibility of the Punjab police. Khaira said it is very clear now that if an officer of the rank of SSP doubts the credibility of Punjab Police and seeks an independent and impartial probe, one can imagine the plight of leaders of the opposition parties and the ordinary citizens of Punjab. Khaira said that “the cat has now come out of the bag” that the Punjab police can frame and falsely implicate any person at its whims and fancies. Khaira said that the matter raised by the Moga SSP has also severely exposed the wheels within wheels and the lobbies that exist within the Punjab police, that can have dangerous ramifications.

Aap Leader said it was because of complete loss of credibility of the Punjab police, that people worldwide are doubting the implication of UK national Jaggi Johal. Khaira said even the video of UK national Jaggi Johal released recently confessing his involvement in the political murders raises serious doubts about the investigations. Khaira said it is very easy for the Punjab police to intimidate any person in their custody and have him make such confessions, that are inadmissible in the eyes of law.

Khaira said this is exactly what he was trying to prove, when two police officers namely SP Ajmer Singh and IO Inspector Jaswant Singh deposed against him in a Fazilka court changing their statements given to the court on two occasions previously. Khaira said he had been repeatedly saying that the Punjab police has been very badly politicised from top to bottom, first by the erstwhile Badal government and now by the Capt. Amarinder Singh government. He said the Punjab police has been now trained to act like an extension counter, a wing and a private militia of the ruling dispensation to settle scores with its political opponents.

Leader of Opposition said that receipt of more than 4000 political vendetta complaints at the Justice Mehtab Singh Gill commission, is yet another vindication of our allegations that the Punjab police has become habitual to falsely implicate people even on such a large scale. Khaira said that the political vendetta and the role of Punjab police to falsely frame people is continuing unabated under the current regime of Capt. Amarinder Singh.  He said that the Justice Mehtab Singh Gill commission should be made a permanent feature of the state, as it can act like a deterrent to the excesses being committed by the Punjab police now under a well planned vendetta drive unleashed by Congress leaders.

Khaira appealed to the Chief Minister that the need of the hour was to depoliticise the police force, so that it can cater to the needs of ordinary people of Punjab who have completely lost faith at the moment. He said the deteriorating law and order of Punjab is also a result of the misuse and politicisation of the police force by the Congress leadership, which must be put to an end.

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