January 01, 2018 06:21 PM

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A team of Special Cell Southern Range, led by Insp. Arvind Kumar and Insp.Dinesh Arya under the supervision of Shri Attar Singh, ACP/Special cell/SR hasbusted an International drug cartel. Two key members of cartel namely Ravi Shankar @ Ravi Arora aged 50 years r/o Hoshiarpur, Punjab and Vikas @ Bhola aged 30 years r/o Hoshiarpur Punjab have been arrested on outer Ring Road near Sherawala Gurudwara, New Mahavir Singh, Delhi. 03.5 kgs of high grade Heroin worth Rs. 15 crores in the international market have been recovered from them.

Case underappropriate section of law has been registered in PS Special Cell in thisregard. Apart from Indians, persons ofAfghanistan and African origin are alsopart of said drug cartel.

Mr. P.S.Kushwah, DCP, Special Cell, Delhi said,   Special Cell in its tirade against drug suppliers had busted several narcoticdrugs cartels in the past by arresting various members of these cartels and by recovering huge consignments of drugs including heroin, opium etc.

* Arrested accused Ravi Shankar  of Hoshiarpur (Punjab) has been found previously convicted for 20 years in 2 NDPS cases.* Delhi police team and search of  House of Ravi Shankar in Hoshiarpur led to further recovery of 500 grams high grade Heroin. *During the last one year, both have already supplied more than 50 Kg of Heroin to various persons in Punjab.  

In the year2017, more than 40 Kg of Heroin had been recovered by the team of ACP Attar Singh Special Cell. Sleuths of Special Cell of Southern Range were working oninformation that an international narcotic drug cartel is active in states of UP, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana etc. Members of this cartel are involved in supplyof high grade heroin in Delhi, NCR, UP, Punjab in India. Heroin is smuggled from neighbouring countries. This information was further developed by Insp.Dinesh Arya and ASI Balraj. It took about 3/4 months painstaking efforts todevelop information. During this excercise, members of this cartel wereidentified and their activities were kept under discreet surveillance. 

DCP further said, on 27.12.2017, a specific information wasreceived in Special Cell that 2 members of this cartel namely Ravi shankar and Vikas, both r/o Punjab, who used to deal in supply of Heroin and who used to get consignments of Heroin in Delh ifrom a person of African origin had received the consignments of Heroin in Delhi and both would come between 12 noon to 1 PM today near SherawalaGurudwara at New Mahavir Nagar, Vikaspuri, Delhi on Outer Ring Road. 

Accordingly a crack team was formed and trapwas laid near Sherawala Gurudwara at New Mahavir Nagar, Vikaspuri, Delhi on Outer Ring Road where both drugs suppliers were nabbed. 03.5 kg heroin i.e. 02 kgs from Ravi Shankar and 1 Kg from Vikas was recovered. After lodging FIR, a team was sent to Punjab for conducting the investigation of case. House search of Ravi Shankar in Hoshiarpur led to further recovery of 500 grams high grade Heroin. 

Interrogation: Both the accused persons were thoroughly interrogated. Both revealed aboutthe details of their associates including source of supply. It was found thatthey used to get supply of heroin from persons of Nigerian origin residing inthe area of New Mahavir Nagar, Delhi. On 27.12.2017, both had received heroin from a person of African Origin. They also disclosed that these persons of African origin used to get supply of heroin directly from their counterparts in neighbouring countries.

It was also disclosed that couriersfrom neighbouring countries used to bring heroin in their stomachs by inhalingcapsules of heroin. These couriers used to hand over the heroin to these persons of African Origin in Delhi, which was being further supplied to drug dealers in Delhi, UP, Punjab and Haryana. These African origin persons also used to send consignments of heroin to European, African and othercountries. Supplier of Heroin in this case has been identified. He wasintroduced to Ravi Shankar by a fellow Nigerian woman, who is lodged inKapurthala Jail, where Ravi Shankar was also undergoing imprisonment. 

During interrogation, it was also revealed that Ravi Shankar @ Ravi Arora is a notorious drug supplier of Punjab. He has been found previously arrested in more than 18 cases of bootlegging and drug trafficking in Punjab. He is also convicted in 3 cases of NDPS Act. In 02 cases, he was convicted for 10 years RI with fine in each case registered at Hoshiarpur Punjab. In 3rd case, he was convicted fo rimprisonment already undergone. Ravi Shankar hails from Hoshiarpur Punjab. Earlier he used to sell illicit liquor in Hoshiarpur. After that he came in contact with persons involvedin drug trafficking and he started selling Poppy straw. He was arrested fo rpossessing of 450 Kg of Poppy straw by PunjabPolice in the year 2007. He remained in jail for more than 5 years in thatcase. He started supplying drugs in jail also with the help of his associates.He was arrested in one such case for possessing drugs in the year 2009 whileremained lodged in jail. He was released on bail and thereafter he again started sellingnarcotic drug. In the year 2012, he was again arrested for possessing drugs. 

After coming out from Jail, he again started indulging in drug trafficking.He got Vikas (his neighbor) associated with him in this illegal trade about 10months ago. Ravi Shankar alongwith Vikas have been getting supply of Heroinfrom a person of African origin for last one year and supplying the same todrug peddlers in Punjab. During the last one year, both have already supplied more than 50 Kg of Heroin to various persons in Punjab. Ravi Shankar has studied upto class 12thand has 2 sons who are doing private job.

The other accused Vikas has studied upto class 10th and belongs to a poor family and he used to do odd jobs. From the last two years, he started consuming Heroin and used to procure it from other persons in Hoshiarpur. Due to this drug addiction, his financial condition was very bad. Vikas resides near the house of Ravi Shankar @ Ravi Arora and he came in contact with him. Ravi Shankar @ Ravi Arora lured him to work as a carrier of Heroin for him. Vikas used to accompany him to Delhi during the drug dealing and he used to further supply the Heroin to drug dealers in Punjab as per directions of Ravi Shankar. Further investigation is in process.


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