January 02, 2018 08:54 PM

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Mr. P.S. Kushwaha, DCP Special Cell, Delhi Police,  said information was being received that severalgangs are indulging in supply of illegal weapons to the criminals of Delhi NCRand surrounding areas. This information had also found support from the recovery of sophisticated illegal fire arms and ammunitions from notoriouscriminals/gangsters arrested in recent past in Delhi/NCR.

In order to cut this supply of illegal fire arms & ammunitions, a special drive has beenlaunched by Special Cell against arms traffickers. As a result of this drive Special Cell has succeeded in busting severalinterstate arms syndicates and recovered huge quantity of arms andammunitions since 2016. These weapons are primarily being procured from the arms manufacturers based in Dhar, Barwani, Burhanpur & Khargone districts of MP and Munger district of Bihar. Five arms traffickers namely Arshad, Mobai, Kailash, Madhav andRifaqat were arrested by special cell in recent past. From these accused persons 56 illegal sophisticated pistols along with 9 spare magazines wererecovered. Four cases vide FIR Nos. 12/2017, 55/2017, 65/2017 & 66/2017 underArms Act have been registered at PS Special Cell, Delhi against this syndicatein this regard.

 Arrested accused is carrying acash reward of Rs. One Lakh on his arrest as declared by CP, Delhi. He is also carrying a reward on his arrest from Madhya Pradesh. One Sophisticated automaticcarbine from Nanak aka Rahul., 30 SophisticatedSemi-automatic pistols from Nanak aka Rahul. 56 Sophisticated Semi-automatic pistols from other members of this cartel..9 spare Magazines, 4 live cartridges.   

The above named accused persons were part of acrime syndicate involved in supplying various types of sophisticated fire armsin Delhi/NCR. On sustained interrogation of the arrested accused persons, it wasfound that they are procuring these illegal weapons from one notoriousmanufacturer and supplier Nanak aka Rahul based in Barwani district of MP. Hewas alleged to be one of the biggest manufacturers cum supplier of theseillegal sophisticated fire arms. Despitebest efforts of the police forces accused Nanak aka Rahul, was evading arrest. 

Reward: Keeping in view the nature of the offence and to cut the supply ofillegal sophisticated arms supply to the criminals of Delhi/NCR, CP Delhia nnounced a reward of Rs. 1,00,000/- for his arrest.

Operation: A team comprising of SI Rohit, HC Rajesh, HCKaramvir, Ct. Naveen, Ct. Gaurav, Ct. Sunil, Ct. Aman, and others was formed tocollect and to act upon the information in respect of said Nanak aka Rahul.Team members worked relentlessly and deployed various sources from place oforigin to place of supply. It was learnt by the team that in wake of recentarrests of carriers and receivers by Special Cell he is in search of newreceivers and territories. He was also getting desperate to sell his mountinginventory of illegal fire arms. He was facing difficulty in finding reliableand competent carriers. 

On 01.01.2018, specific information was receivedregarding the movement of Nanak aka Rahul. It was informed that Nanak aka Rahulhas found some receivers in outer Delhi and adjoining areas of Haryana. He hasalso decided to deliver the consignment by himself. The information receivedfurther mentioned that in order to deliver the consignment he will come to Mukarbachowk. On this information the team wasdeployed in disguise near the spot and Nanak was apprehended with two bagscontaining 30 sophisticated semi-automatic pistols and one automatic Carbine. Acase FIR No.01/18 dated 01.01.2018 u/s 25 Arms Act has been registered at PSSpecial Cell, Delhi

Interrogation: On interrogation, he has disclosed that he had studied upto class V. He got involved in manufacturing and supply of illega fire arms as his father and elder brother were engaged in this trade. He is engaged in this illegal trade for the last 3-4 years. His main receivers were Rifaqat, Furkan, Khilafat, Musa and Anil. Gradually, he has become a leading manufacturer and supplier in this illicit syndicate of trafficking of such deadly weapons. He is supplying arms to the receivers of Delhi, NCR at a cost of Rs. 12/15 thousands each. The recovered carbine has been priced for Rs. 1 lakh. Efforts are being made to identify other receivers and manufacturers of this syndicate. A reward of Rs. 5,000/- was also declared by MP police for his arrest. 

PREVIOUS INVOLVEMENTS: He has been found involved in one case of Arms Act of PS Warla, District Barwani, MP. His other involvements are beingverified. 

TOTAL RECOVERY FROM THIS GANG: 30 SophisticatedSemi-automatic pistols from Nanak aka Rahul. 56 Sophisticated Semi-automatic pistols from other members of this cartel..9 spare Magazines, 4 live cartridges.   

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