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Vernika with her IAS father (File)
The high profile Varnika Kundu stalking and abduction attempt case continued to take new twists on the second consecutive day of her resumed cross examination by the defence counsel in the court of Additional Chief Judicial magistrate Baljinder Pal Singh on Tuesday. All the allegations of Varnika were brutally shattered by the denfence counsel.

Right through the proceedings today Varnika was seen tentative and unsure of herself. On the defence counsel’s grilling her, she admitted that “I do not recall whether I had specifically used the word abduction in the statement got recorded by me before Sh. Harleen Pal Singh, learned JMIC, Chandigarh on 5.8.2017 under Section 164 Cr.P.C.” Later she ventured “I have not mentioned the words kidnap and abduction in my statement.”

When asked by the defence counsel whether she had mentioned the fact in her statement that the accused persons were intending to stop her car multiple times, she replied in the affirmative but went on to say that “the word intention to stop my car by the accused is not mentioned in my statement.”

Varnika also admitted that “It is correct that the fact regarding receiving a call from the police about nabbing of accused and apprehension of their car and my going to housing board junction along with my father where PCR was standing beside Tata Safari and presence of accused who were allegedly reeking of alcohol was not got mentioned by me in my statement. I was told to state the facts of the incident that occurred, in front of the Magistrate. I was not aware that the facts after the incident had occurred would also be relevant to be mentioned.”

The defense mentioned that Varnika was giving improved version in the volunteered portion of statement to wriggle out from the confrontation with the revised complaint and giving improved version of her statement each time.

Varnika agreed that she did not mention that she was blocked by TATA Safari car driven by accused near KB DAV School as stated by her in her earlier statement before the court during the trial.

Whereas Varnika earlier admitted that her father was a law graduate, and that a High Court Advocate Rajdeep Takoria were present in the Sector 26 Police Station but she refused the claim that her statement was fabricated from time-to-time in consultation with Advocate Rajdeep Takoria in league with her father.

Varnika admitted that she had given countless interviews in the electronic media since the day of the reporting of the matter. Varnika accepted that she had also recreated the scene of the night of alleged incidence two or three times by using her own vehicle and one other Tata Safari vehicle.

Defence alleged that her father used persistent pressure on the police to fabricate the evidence and involve the accused persons. Varnika denied that Ex. CM Haryana Sh. Bhupinder Singh Hooda or other political rivals were being roped in to corner the ruling party as the accused was the son of the BJP chief.


Shaken by the yesterday’s revelation about her location at District Ropar, Varnika volunteered to give her statement on her location. She claimed that there was a technical glitch and so her location was incorrectly showing District Ropar. To this the defense counsel objected and said that she was trying to wriggle out from the false hood in the case and to cover up.

Technical experts emphasised that her location at tower number 6063_16767 is correctly mentioned of District Ropar as even in the last column of the call records it shows PUN-0, i.e. Punjab Circle. Varnika had just tried to confuse the defence and the court by claiming that there was a technical glich. It is pertinent to mention that the claim of Varnika that her location at 11:31:31 wherein she received a call from telephone number 9988032062 wrongly shows Kullu as her location (Location Code 1101_30279). However she misread the location code, the last column in the call detail shows her location to be HAR-0, and does not show roaming location so clearly this location is from some village abbreviated as Kullu in Haryana only. Similarly her location at 11:40:29 to 11:55:46 is shown as near Parwanoo. Technical experts claim that this is because she must have travelled from her house in Sector 6 from behind the Command hospital road where Parwanoo signals are also received. 

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