January 23, 2018 07:11 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Haryana Government has constituted a State Level Coordination Committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary, Health Department for the overall implementation of National Tobacco Control Programme in the state. 

While stating this here today, a spokesman of Health Department said that other Members of the committee included Additional Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary of the Departments of Home, School Education, Higher Education, Finance, Rural Development, Information and Public Relations, Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Development and Panchayats, Secretary, Labour Department or Labour Commissioner, Secretary, Panchayati Raj, Secretary Law and Legislative Department, Secretary Transport or Transport Commissioner, representative from Department of Railways, Collector or District Magistrate from Panchkula district and Director General Health Services, Director, National Health Mission.

He said that Mission Director, National Health Mission would serve as Member Secretary whereas Medical Officer NTCP would act as Nodal Officer. Apart from this, Civil Society organizations working on Health or tobacco control would also serve as members of the committee. 

Referring to the roles of different departments or agencies, he said that Health Secretary would act as Nodal Secretary for convening the meetings and also responsible for the programme to control tobacco in the Health Department. 

Similarly, Home Department would direct the State Police Heads to enforce all provisions under the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibitation of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act (COTPA). It would also regularly review of COTPA implementation in the monthly crime review meetings and regular collection of violation of COTPA related data. 

The Education Department will ensure implementation of tobacco-free school guidelines in all schools, make all school premises tobacco-free, inclusion of harmful effects of tobacco use in the school curriculum as well as ensure monitoring and supervision of school health component of NTCP. 

The Finance Department would ensure administration and harmonization of tax on all tobacco products and reduction in illicit trade and tax evasion by tobacco industry in the state. 

Rural Development Department would ensure alternative livelihood programme for the bidi rollers and others. The Information and Public Relations Department would consider to launch of state wide public awareness campaigns on harm effects of tobacco use and provisions under COTPA, ensure development of local IEC campaign materials for display at local events, health melas. In addition, it would assist in development or adaptation of local IEC campaign material for display and dissemination at local events, melas, state or district IEC campaigns. 

Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Department would develop and implement schemes on alternative cropping option for tobacco growers and ensure awareness generation among farmers about the harmful effects of tobacco growing as well as use. 

Development and Panchayats Department would support enforcement of COTPA through the 3-tier elected Panchayat Raj system in the rural areas jand assist in facilitating in convergence of tobacco control policies and COTPA with other health and development programme. Mission Director, NHM would ensure regular monitoring, review and supervision of National Tobacco Control Programme. 

Labour Department would ensure that all tobacco products manufactured in registered factories print the pictorial health warning and sensitize bidi rollers about the health hazards of bidi rolling in coordination with Health Department. In addition, it would develop and implement schemes related to vocational training of bidi rollers for alternative livelihood opportunities. 

Panchayati Raj Department would support enforcement of COTPA through the 3-tier elected PRI system in the rural areas. Law and Legislative Department would advise the state level committee on legal issues pertaining to implementation of COTPA and provide legal support to court matters. 

Transport Department would ensure that all public transport vehicles are smoke free as per provisions under COTPA. It would also ensure display of anti-tobacco messages on the Transport department properties including bus panels, bus stands and bus tickets. 

he Railway representative would ensure implementation of provisions under COTPA in areas under the administrative control of Railways such as ban on smoking, ban on advertisement of tobacco products, sale of tobacco products to and by minors. Collector, Panchkula would represent district administration and highlight the concerns of the implementation of COTPA at district level and support NTCP implementation. Director General Health Services would review the linkage of all non communicable diseases and tobacco control programme. Civil Society organizations would integrate tobacco control in all their ongoing interventions. It would also monitor violations of tobacco control laws and bring them to the notice of concerns authorities or steering committee. 

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