January 27, 2018 08:55 PM

Kulbir Singh Kalsi

Chandigarh: Football, soccer, as it is known in America, is a worldwide phenomenon. Recent success of the Brazil World Cup and Under-17 World Cup in India is a testimony to that.Both events watched and followed by billions across the globe. 

India a nation of over 1.3 billion people has never been to the senior World Cup even though football continues to be a big draw in the sports crazy nation. The Sub-continent was glued to their TV screens during the live telecast games of the Brazil World Cup. India was a bonanza for the advertisers. India did qualify for the World Cup once in 1950. 

The newly independent nation played an historic game in front of their former rulers in the 1948 London Olympics. They lost the game to France, but won hearts and adoration of the world, thus qualifying for the 1950 World Cup. 

Indian players played barefoot. FIFA changed its rules, that players could no longer play barefoot, so the Indian team stayed home. Their dreams squashed forever. Manna was the star player of that formidable team. 

Christian, once a budding soccer star on the US national team, his career sidelined by a mistake of his own doing, he now works with a multi-national company that is on a mission to provide modular self-contained and solar powered homes for the poor of India. 

Christian harboring a rather dark background, seeks solace in the peace and tranquility of the complex Indian culture, he ends up in a village in Punjab.

His taxi driver Jogi becomes his conduit into the village way of life, philosophy and culture, The two form a formidable friendship. 

In the village he discovers that football lives in the hearts of the children playing barefoot on dusty fields. One among the young player is Arjun, a budding star with a complex background of his own. 

  Here Christian crosses paths with Arjun and Manna, now in his late 80s. Their life’s change forever, as does India’s destiny as a football nation.

Barefoot Warriors is an inspirational journey, where dreams do come true and barriers and physical limitations are overcome by sheer courage and the drive to win, the heart wrenching desire to be someone…A winner. Barefoot Warriors is a story with an Indian Soul and an American heart. 

Film stars Sean Faris, Rajpal Yadav, Rajan Toor and Aman Grewal.Barefoot Warriors is being produced by Jatinder Jay Minhas, under the banner of Minhas Films LTD, a Canada based company.

Jatinder Jay Minhas is a successful businessman, philanthropist and a community leader in British Colombia, Canada. 

In Barefoot Warriors, lead character of Christian is being played by Sean Faris, a leading star of many Hollywood films and T.V shows, including “Never Back Down, an acclaimed drama series ”Reunion”,  “Life As We Know It ”, “ Vampire Diaries “, “Smallville”, “One Tree Hill” and “Boston Public”. 

His big screen debut featured him alongside the likes of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett in Michael Bay’s epic Pearl Harbor.   Barefoot Warriors is written and being Directed by “Kavi Raz”. an Actor, Writer, Director Based in Hollywood. As an actor he has appeared in 100s of films and TV series. He has received over 35 International awards. His recent written and directed success, The Black Prince was released globally during the summer of 2017.

His upcoming releases are KANDE a Punjabi film, AMERICAN I Am, an Hollywood feature and MERA WATTAN, a bi-lingual film. Barefoot Warriors will begin principal photography on 28 January 2018.  

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