January 31, 2018 09:10 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The police team of PS K.M. Pur, South District have arrested two cheats namely Monu Kumar Gupta @ Manoj Gupta @ Sushil Kumar, age 45 years and his wife Neelam @ Sarla, age 43 years r/o South Extension (Part-III), Uttam Nagar, Delhi and forged documents viz PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License and other incriminating articles have been recovered. 

Mr. Romil Baaniya, IPS, DCP/SouthDistrict said  complainants reported that they had purchased Property No. 783A (measuring 33sq. yards), Mahavar Nagar, K.M. Purin the year 2012 from one Monu Kumar Gupta andhis wife Neelam Gupta r/o A-100, Devli Extension, Delhi and after paying aroundRs. 20 lacs, they took the possession over all the five floors in the saidproperty. After some time, bank officials from Union Bank of India, Darya Ganj visited their house and informed that Monu Kumar Gupta and his wife Neelam Gupta had obtained a loan of Rs. 30lacs after mortgaging the said property with the bank in 2009. During further enquiry, they also came to know that Monu Kumar Gupta and his wife Neelam Gupta had also obtained a loanof Rs. 18 lacs from Central Bank of India, ‘D’ Block, Gulmohar Park, Hauz Khason the said property. The complainants further alleged that Monu Kumar Gupta and his wife Neelam Gupta had committed offences of forgery and cheating by concealing the facts that they had obtainedloans of Rs. 48 lacs after mortgaging the said property with two differentbanks on the basis of forged and fabricated documents. In this regard, a case vide FIR No. 143/2013dated 06.06.13 u/s 420/468/471/120B/174A IPC was registered at PS Kotla Mubarakpurand investigation was taken up. 

During the course of investigation, the police team conducted a raid at the rented house of accused persons in Devli Extension and found out that they had vacated the house and shifted somewhere else. The police team continued its efforts to trace the absconding couple but there was no clue. Both accused were declared proclaimed offenders by the court on 01.06.16. A dedicated police team comprising Inspr.Ramphool Meena, ATO/K.M. Pur, SI Jaiveer Singh, HC Kulshreshtha, Ct. Ravinder and W/Ct. Anju Mishra led by Inspr. V.K.P.S. Yadav, SHO/K.M. Pur under thesupervision of Sh. B.S. Rana, ACP/Defence Colony was formed to trace and arrestboth absconding accused. The police teamworked relentlessly and deployed sources to get clues about the accusedpersons. The hard work of police teamyielded fruits and it was revealed from a reliable source that both abscondingMonu Kumar Gupta and Neelam Gupta are residing somewhere in the area of PS Bindapurafter changing their identity. The policeteam continued its efforts to get the details of other family members ofaccused on the website of Election Commission of India and finally, the police teamsucceeded in getting the voter ID details in respect of the daughter of accused which revealed that both accused are residing, South Extension (Part-III),Uttam Nagar, Delhi after changing their identity. On receipt of this information, a raid wasconducted and accused Monu Kumar Gupta and Neelam Gupta were arrested. Accused Monu Kumar Gupta had changed his name as Sushil Kumar and accused Neelam Gupta had changed her name as Sarla and bothhad managed Driving License, Aadhar Card, PAN Card and Voter ID Card on theirfake names to evade arrest by police. 

During interrogation, it was revealed that while accused Monu Kumar Gupta was runninghis cigarette shop at Gurdwara Road, K.M. Pur, he came in contact with the badelements of the area and started playing ‘satta’ and had to bear huge financiallosses. He had a joint property inMahavar Nagar, K.M. Pur and mortgaged the said property with Union Bank ofIndia and obtained a loan of Rs. 30 lacs. Thereafter, on the basis of false and fabricated papers, he againmortgaged the said property with Central Bank of India and obtained a loan ofRs. 18 lacs. Thereafter, he constructed5 floors on the said property and sold them to Rajesh Agarwal and other fourpeople and disappeared along with his family.

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