February 03, 2018 12:53 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

Two Drug Peddlers have been arrested by Shahdara District in two incidents and total 271 Grms.Heroin and 486 Grms. Ganja was recovered from their possession.

Mr. Nupur Prasad, IPS, DCP, said on 31/01/2018, SI Yogesh was presentin Police Station Vivek Vihar in evening then a secret information was receivedat Police Station – Vivek Vihar that a person namely Naveen will came atKasturba Nagar Red Light who have illegal Ganja/Smack.

This information wasshared with concerned SHO. After that, a raiding party was made comprising SIYogesh, HC Sujeet and Ct. Lalit under the supervision of Insp. Mukesh Kumar, SHO/VivekVihar and trap was laid down at that place. After some time, informer pointed outat a person who was coming from the side of Swami Dayanand Hospital with a whiteplastic bag.

On seeing the Police Officials that person turned around andstarted to move briskly in opposite direction. But that person was apprehended withthe help of staff after a chase. During interrogation, he was identified asNaveen R/o Mukesh Nagar, Shahdara Delhi. On checking the bag carried by Naveen,it was found 117 small packets filled with Ganja. Regarding the incident a casevide FIR No. 360/17 U/s 20/61/85 NDPS PS Vivek Vihar, was registered. Onweighing the recovered total Ganja, its weight was found to be 486 Grms.

Accused identified as Naveen  (28) R/o Mukesh Nagar, ShahdaraDelhi. Police recovered 117 packets weighing 486 gramm ganja. 

Meanwhile on the same Day ASI Mewa Ram along withHC Sunil and Ct. Virender were on evening Patrolling in the jurisdiction of PS -Seemapuri.During patrolling when they reached at Samshan Ghat, Old Seemapuri, near ApsaraBorder then they saw a person standing at the gate of Samshan Ghat. On seeingthe Police Officials that person turned around and started to move briskly inopposite direction. Police Officials found his behavior suspicious. On thisPolice officials signaled that person to stop but he increased his speed butthat person was apprehended after a chase. During interrogation, he wasidentified as Jamil R/o Kasba Jalalabad, District Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.On checking, a packet of Heroin was recovered from his pocket. Regarding theincident, a case vide FIR No. 88/17 U/s 20/61/85 NDPS PS - Seemapuri, was registered. On weighing the recovered Heroin, its weight was found to be 271Gm. Accused identified as Jamil  (35) R/o Kasba Jalalabad, DistrictShahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.  


On sustained interrogation, both theaccused disclosed that they purchase Ganja/heroin from the area of Loni Ghaziabad, UP and they further disclosed that they used to sell about 50-100 packets per day. Cost of one packet is Rs. 300-400 rupees and they used to get profit of Rs. 100-200/- on each packet.Investigation of the case is in progress.

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