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With the arrest of accused namely Suresh Singh S/o Dev Singh R/o Village-Dawari, Post Office-Sanger, PS-Kamedi Devi, Distt- Bageshwar,Uttrakhand age-26 years, the staff of PS Govindpuri, South East District has solved murder case of Maria Massey @ Savitri Mehra, wife of above accused whose decomposed dead body was found lying inside a bed box in their rented house in Tughlakabad Extension. In this regard a case vide FIR No.35/18, dt. 29.01.18, u/s 302 IPC has been registered.

Mr. Chinmoy Biswal, IPS, DY.CP, said on 29.01.18 at 04:30 PM, a PCR Call regarding a female dead body at RZ-9/41,Gali No. 12, Tughlakabad Extension was received at PS Govindpuri. Police staffimmediately rushed to the spot and found a decomposed dead body of a femalelying inside the box of the bed in the room. PCRcaller/complainant Usman s/o Jamir r/oJasola Vihar was met on the spot and on his instance, the deceased wasidentified as Maria Massey @Savitri Mehra (30 years) w/o Suresh Singh. Complainant stated that deceased was his ex-wife/partnerand they had married in the year 2005 but in 2012 they both separated mutually.

Complainant further told that in 2015, the deceased Maria had married S resh Singh but all was not well between deceased and her 2nd husband. They regularly used to quarrel because Suresh had secretly remarried in his village after marrying Maria.

On 28.01.18, complainant received a phone call from brother of Maria, who lives in Rudrapur (Uttrakhand) that Maria’s phone has been switched off and they are worried about her. Deceased’s brotherrequested Usman to visit Maria’s place and find out about her. On this, Usmanvisited the house of Maria but it was fond locked. Complainant called up Sureshbut he didn’t respond to his call and dropped a text message that he was inBanglore alongwith Maria. Neither the family of the deceased nor thecomplainant Usman was satisfied from the conduct and reply of Suresh Singh andthey decided to break the door lock of the deceased’s house.

On 29.01.18, Usman revisited the house of the deceased at TughlakabadExtn. and alongwith the landlord, they broke the door lock. They found thedecomposed dead body of Maria wrapped in a quilt and stuffed inside the bed boxof the house. Subsequently, on the statement of Usman a case vide FIR No. 35/18, dt. 29.01.18, u/s 302 IPCwas registered at PS Govindpuri and investigation of the case was taken up.


During investigation,examination of the deceased’s house was conducted by the District Crime Teamand post-mortem of deceased was conducted at Mortuary, AIIMS hospital. Family membersof the deceased, landlord of the house and local residents were examined. Severalteams were dispatched on raids at Delhi, Uttrakhand & Uttar Pradesh.

Husband as Suspect

The conduct ofdeceased’s husband was under suspicion. He locked and left his house without informing the landlord and neighbours. Further he stopped responding to the telephonic calls and gave misleading replies to the family of deceased andUsman, that he alongwith Maria had went to Banglore. Even after constantpressure from the deceased’s family to talk to Maria, Suresh Singh kept onmaking one excuse or the other. It was further told by Usman that all was not wellbetween Maria and Suresh and there used to be regular fights because Suresh hadsecretly married at his native village in Bageshwar District, Uttrakhand and Mariacame to know about it.

Arres from Hills

A police team was constituted and intensive surveillance was mounted and local information was gathered. A team comprising of ASI Narender, HC Ravinder and Ct Devi Sharan wasdispatched to the native place of SureshSingh at Bageshwar, Uttrakhand and other places in UP.

Suresh Singh learntfrom his relatives that police team has landed at his village to examine him.There was landslide on the way and Suresh Singh was constantly changing his location in the hilly region making it difficult for the police team. He was finallyintercepted by the police team near his village while he was fleeing alongwith his luggage to escape to Nepal and was brought back to Delhi.


Initially, Suresh Singh kept on making on excuses and tried to cover up his guilt . However ,after sustained interrogation and being out of the answers to his unusual conduct, he broke down and disclosed that he had murdered his wife Maria Massey@ Savitri Mehra in the afternoon of 11.01.18 by smothering her with the help of pillow and wrapped and concealed her dead body with quilt in the box of bed. After the murder he fled to his nativeplace at District-Bageshwar, Uttrakhand.


Suresh Singh disclosed that he is a native of Village-Dawari, Post Office-Sanger,PS-Kamedi Devi, Distt- Bageshwar, Uttrakhand and his father retired as Subedar Major from Assam Rifles. He has completed a 4½ years Degree Course in Physiotherapy (B.ScPhysiotheraphy) from Sai Institute, Dehradun and has also completed 6 months internship from Escorts Hospital, Delhi. These days he was practicing as a freelancerin Delhi.

Meton Face book

Accused Suresh Singh disclosed that he came in contact with Maria Massey on Facebook in 2012. They both were from same hill region and became friends. In January, 2013 they bothmet in Dehradun and after a couple of meetings became close to each other. MariaMassey was then living alone in Haldwani, having been separated from herpartner Usman. Suresh invited her to come to Dehradun and stay with him and look for job. They both went into a live-in relationship and started living together from 2013.

Bone Of Contention : Marriage

In June 2015, whileliving in with Maria Massey in Dehradun Suresh Singh went to his native villageand married one Lata as per the wishes of his family. After marriage hereturned to Dehradun as usual. Maria Massey got to know about the marriage ofSuresh and Lata through some facebook friends. She started pressurizing Sureshto marry her and after 15 days of this marriage, Suresh and Maria Massey gotmarried at Arya Samaj Mandir in Dehradun. Maria Massey even changed her nameto Savitri Mehra for this marriage. However, the parents and family members ofSuresh were unaware about this wedding.

Later, Lata alsocame to know about this. Lata was living with Suresh’s family at his villageand she asked him to break-up with Maria Massey. On the other side, MariaMassey used to pressurize Suresh Singh to leave Lata and stay with her only.

In 2017, afterfinishing his Physiotherapy Degree, Suresh Singh along with Maria Massey @Savitri Mehra came to Delhi. Accused Suresh Singh was under constant pressurefrom both of his wives. Maria was 4-5 years older than Suresh and now wasinclined to live with Lata and his family. He even told Lata that he will sortout this issue soon and will soon leave Maria Massey for good. Therefore, inorder to get rid of Maria Massey, Suresh decided to murder her and executed the plan on 11thJanuary before leaving for native place.

Physiotherapy Studies Helps To Dump The BodyIn Winter Chill

Suresh Singh was professional degree holder in Physiotherapy and he knew minutely about humanbody, its composition and decomposition. Accordingly, he planned to kill MariaMassey by smothering her in the cold weather season of early January and wrap her body in a quilt and dump it in the bed-box. He was well aware of thefact that the body would take much longer to decompose in cold weather season,and would remain hidden from detection for long, giving him time to plan hisfuture course of action. Therefore, after killing Maria Massey he went to hisvillage and was living a normal life before being nabbed by the police.

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