February 06, 2018 07:02 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News)

BJP national secretary Tarun Chugh has asked Congress party to come clear on former Union Minister and senior party leader Jagdish Tytler's confessional statement in a sting regarding his role in 1984 Sikh massacre. 

Chugh said AICC and the Punjab Unit of Congress should clear their stand on the issue as now the senior Congress leader who was being continuously accused by eye witnesses and consistently defended by the Congress has himself been caught on camera admitting his involvement in the massacre of Sikhs in national capital. 

  The BJP leader asked Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to direct Tytler to go through a lie-detector test which he had been intentionally avoding.  He said the lie-detector test was likely to confirm Tytler's involvement in the killings of Sikhs.

Chugh also asked Sonia and Rahul to throw Tytler out of the party if he refuses to go through a lie-detector test.  

He urged Rahul to explain his stand on the issue as the matter relates not only to his party but to his family too. He said that the Sikhs were killed in the aftermath of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's killings and Congress had been defending its leaders since 1984.  Chugh said the sting has exposed Tytler and the Congress and it was now more than clear that the Sikhs were killed under a planned conspiracy at the instance of top leadership of the party. 

The BJP leader said Tytler, in an interview to the media, himself admitted that the he had accompanied the then former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in a white Ambassador car in the violence-hit areas.  He said Rajiv Gandhi's statement "When a big tree falls, the earth shakes," was a well-planned move to provoke the Congressmen and enough to instigate the mobs to indulge in violence. 

Chugh demanded that Rahul must tender an unconditional apology to the Sikhs regarding the role of his father and the Congress party in 1984 Sikh massacre. 

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