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Ultimately Delhi Police rescued the five year old school boy from kidnappers after exchange of fire. Police . Mr. Alok Kumar, IPS, JCP , said, on 25.01.18, atabout 07:35 am, Rehan (name changed),aged 5 years, s/o a businessman based in East Delhi was kidnapped by two unknown persons when child was on his way toschool. The assailants, travelling on a motorcycle, had forcefully opened thedoors of the school bus threatening the small school childrenand other inmates of the school bus near IBHAAS on Mandoli Road and hadforcibly taken away the child after threatening the bus driver with a pistol.They had left Rehan’s 7 year old sister behind. Before leaving, the kidnappershad shot the School Bus Driver, Sh. Naresh Thapa (38 years) in the thigh. A7.65 mm empty shell was recovered from the school bus. A case, vide FIR No.27/18,dated 25.01.18, u/s 363/307 IPC r/w 25/27 Arms Act, PS. GTB Enclave, Delhiwas registered for the same and the investigation was taken up by the localpolice.

The first ransom call came at about midnight at 12:30 am on 28.01.18. The kidnapperspoke with the family and demanded for a huge amount of ransom money for saferelease of the boy. On 28.01.18 itself, at about 07:00 pm, the kidnapper sent avideo of the child to the complainant on whatsapp.

Keeping in view the gruesome nature and the sensitivity of the case, the investigation of the casewas transferred to the Crime Branch on 28.01.18. The local police at ShahdaraDistrict had meticulously completed the initial part of the investigation inthis case. The Crime Branch took over and built up upon the investigationalready conducted. The Media showed a great sense of sensitivity by notreporting on the case on a day to day basis. 

TEAM: A team led by Dr.Ram Gopal Naik, DCP Crime Branch under close supervision of Sh. Alok Kumar,Joint CP, Crime was constituted to investigate the matter. Other members of theteam were Sh. Rajesh Kumar, ACP STARS-2 Insp. Vinay Tyagi, Insp. Surender,Insp. Sanjay Neolia and their teams, which comprises of SI’s Dinesh, HawaSingh, Arjun, Pawan, Rajneesh, ASI’s Pramod, Dinesh, Raj Kumar, HC’s Shyam Lal,Sashi Kant, Karambir, Babu Ram, Upender, Ct. Kuldip and etc. Valuableassistance in the initial part of the investigation was provided by Dr. JoyTirkey, DCP Crime, Sh. Jasbir Singh, ACP Interstate Cell, Sh. Sandeep Lamba,ACP SIU and Sh. Ishwar Singh ACP STARS-II. Multiple teams were constituted tomount Technical Surveillance, develop Field Intelligence and to examine CCTV footage.

However, as thepointers became more focussed towards the identity of the kidnappers, a crackteam under the leadership of Dr. Ram Gopal Naikwas formed. The police team hadfound out the general area where the kidnappers had holed up in Shalimar City,Sahibabad, Ghaziabad but the location of the exact apartment was still unknown.It was determined that 3-4 four persons could be involved and a dedicated teamwas put on each possible suspect in this case.

OPERATION:  Dr.Ram Gopal Naik, DCP Crime Branch along with ACP Rajesh Kumar, Insp. Vinay Tyagiand team members had been following the movement of one suspect namely NitinKumar Sharma (28), s/o Mam Raj Sharma, r/o A-543, Gokulpuri, Delhi. The teampicked him up near Community Block, Seemapuri at about 11:35 pm on 05.02.18. Oninterrogation, he admitted to having kidnapped the child along with hisassociates Ravi and Pankaj. He disclosed that Ravi and Pankaj were holding thechild at Flat No. B-505, Ebony, Shalimar City near Bhopra, Sahibabad,Ghaziabad, UP. He also disclosed that both Ravi and Pankaj were carryingfirearms.

Accordingly, thepolice team conducted a raid based on the above information. At about 12:50 amon 06.02.18, upon pointing out by the accused Nitin Kumar Sharma, the policeteam rang the doorbell of the fifth floor, flat B-505. The entrance had an ironouter gate and the wooden inner door. One person from inside partially openedthe wooden door while the other person stood behind him. When the police askedthem to open the gate and release the childthey immediately openedindiscriminate fire upon the police team through the Iron Gate. The bullets hitInsp. Vinay Tyagi and Commando Ct. Kuldip Singh, No. 1381/Crime. Both policepersonnel could save their lives as they were wearing bullet proof jackets. Inorder to take control of the situation keeping in view the safety of the child thepolice team had no other option but to exchange fire in self defence. During the exchange of this fire, later aftergaining the access into the flat, the team found out that two persons insidethe flat had received bullet injuries. The police team managed to rescue thechild safely from the clutches of the kidnappers. Two firearms, both 7.65 mmpistols were recovered from the possession of the kidnappers. Five rounds werefired by the kidnappers whereas the police team fired 3 rounds.

The police teamrushed the two injured persons to GTB Hospital, Delhi. Ravi (24) s/o Shyam Lal,r/o B- Block, Gokulpuri, Delhi was unconscious on arrival at the hospital andlater he succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. He had sustained one bulletinjury at the base of his neck. The other injured was identified as Pankaj @Singh Saheb (21), r/o Gokulpuri, New Delhi. Pankaj had sustained bullet injuryon his left thigh and is being treated at GTB Hospital. The third accused NitinSharma has been arrested. A case, vide FIRNo. 275/18 dated 06.02.18 u/s 307/186/353/34 IPC r/w 25/27 Arms Act PS.Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, UP has been registered in this regard.  

Accused identified as  Nitin Kumar Sharma (28), r/o Gokulpuri, Delhi –He pursuedhis studies up to 10th class and had appeared in Class 12thfrom Open School. His lavish life style forced him to take loans from several peoples. In order to pay his debts and to start his work business he was indire need of money. He along with Pankaj and Ravi hatched a plan of kidnapping the child whose father runs a wholesale business. He along with his associates conducted reccee of the area and decided to kidnap the boy from school van.Nitin arranged for the hideout at B-505, Ebony Apartments, Sahibabad and madethe ransom calls to the family of the kidnapped child. Another accused Ravi (24), r/o B- Block, Gokulpuri, Delhi – He succumbed to injury in exchange of fire with the police team. His antecedents are still being verified. He along with Pankaj and Nitin conducted reccee of the area and decided to kidnap the boy from the school van. On 25/01/18, he alongwith Pankaj kidnapped Rehan and before leaving Pankaj shot and injured the vandriver.

Pankaj@ Singh Saheb (21), r/oEast Gokulpuri, New Delhi – He originally hails from Village Ucchawan,Rajasthan. He was born in Delhi. He pursued his studies up to class 10thfrom Government School, GokulPuri, Delhi. He was earning his livelihood byworking as a waiter in marriage functions. He came in contact with Ravi, whose father used to supply labour/waiters in function. He also came in contact withNitin Sharma, who was running an eatery in GokulPuri. Nitin Kumar informed himabout his plan of kidnapping for ransom. He agreed to the plan. He along withRavi and Nitin conducted reccee of the area and decided to kidnap the boy fromthe school van. On 25/01/18, he along with Ravi kidnapped Rehan and beforeleaving he shot and injured the van driver.

Police have recovewred  two 7.65 mm pistols with both having bullets in chamber. One has 4 live rounds in the magazine. The otherpistol magazine was empty., 4 empty shells of 7.65 mm,  2 lead pieces of 7.65 mm.,  2 empty shells of 9 mm (Glock),  1 empty shell of AK- 47, 2 bullet proof jackets with bullet entries. Further investigation is in progress.

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