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Fingerprint evidence, although sometimes not as high-profileas other high-tech crime-solving methods like DNA typing, Technical evidence isstill very much used in criminal investigations and cases. While the principlethat no two people can have the same fingerprints cannot be scientificallyvalidated, fingerprint evidence is generally considered to be a highly reliablepiece of evidence and is particularly accessible to the Courts. 

With the arrest of accused Sabir Malik @ Teli (36 years) R/o Saheed Nagar,Gaziabad, U.P, Police Station Kalkaji, South-East District has solved a12 years old house burglary case. The identity of accused has been establishedby matching the finger prints with the chance finger prints lifted from burglary spot 12 years ago. 

Mr. Chinmoy Biswal, IPS, DCP, said 0n 24.12.2006, a Kalkaji businessman Sh. Lalit Batra R/o Kalkaji reported at PS Kalkaji aboutburglary at his house. Cash Rs. 30,000/-, jewellary and other articles werereportedly stolen from his house. A Case vide FIR No. 1311/206, dated 24/12/2006,u/s 380 IPC was registered at Police Station Kalkaji and investigation of the case was initiated. 

During investigation inspection of crime spot was done and chance prints/finger prints ofsuspects were lifted from spot by the District Crime Team. During furtherinvestigation of the case all out efforts were made to trace the accusedpersons and to recover the case property. However, no arrest could be made inthe case and the burglary case remained unsolved. However, the chance finger printslifted from the spot by the District Crime Team were preserved in the record ofthe Crime Record Office (CRO) of Delhi Police at Kamla Market.  

On 07.01.18, InterState Cell of Crime Branch, Delhi Police arrested an accused Sabir Malik @ Teli(36 years) R/o Saheed Nagar, Gaziabad, U.P. for possession of a countrymade pistol. He was arrested by Crime Branch in Case FIR NO. 11/18, dated07/01/18, u/s 25 Arms Act. During sustained interrogation he disclosed hisinvolvement in several cases of theft and burglary. His finger prints wereobtained and criminal dossier was prepared.

Further, the fingerprints of the accused Sabir Malik were run by the Finger Print Bureau of DelhiPolice and it was discovered that the finger prints of accused Sabir Malikmatched with the chance finger prints lifted by PS Kalkaji police in the 2006 burglarycase.  

The Kalkaji police team interrogated the accused Sabir Malik @ Teli and duringin terrogation he confessed his involvement in this 12 year old burglary case of Kalkaji. Accused was arrested by PS Kalkaji, South-East district in case FIR No. 1311/206, dated 24/12/2006, u/s 380 IPC and his police custody remandwas obtained for recovery of the stolen items and arrest of other associates ofthe accused Sabir Malik.

During sustainedinterrogation accused Sabir Malik @ Teli disclosed that he is a member of Kalu& Billa gang who are involved in incidents of burglary in Delhi as well asother metropolitan cities. Accused further stated that Rinku Baba and a femaleare his associates.

The modus operandiof gang is to look for flats which are locked. The lady member used to visitthe posh localities of Kalkaji & Greater Kailash during afternoon hours andshe used to look for flats/houses which were locked. After detailed reccee ofthe topography of their targeted building, the lady used to inform the othergang members. The lady member used to visit the houses on the pretext of job ofmaid. The gang also used to keep weapon with them and in case of retaliationthey used the same. The lady used toremain in touch with jewelers to dispose off the stolen property.

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