March 01, 2018 08:14 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal has given nod for engaging additional 1000 Special Police Officers (SPOs) out of ex-servicemen of the Army for performing night duty in Police Commissionerate Gurugram.

While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that these personnel would be deployed for patrolling and other security duties during night hours. 

He said that the age limit for ex-servicemen would be between 25 years to 50 years and those who have not been removed or dismissed from their earlier service on grounds of indiscipline, misconduct or medical unfitness would be eligible. He said that such eligible volunteer ex-servicemen would be employed for a period of one year on a monthly honorarium of Rs 14,000 which would be deposited in the bank account of SPO and not disbursed in cash.

The spokesman said that members of this auxiliary force would not be posted in their home police stations but care would be taken to post them in adjoining police stations near their place of residence. However, those willing may be posted in other Commissionerate or district as well. He said that a one time uniform allowance of Rs 3000 for two sets of uniform, one pair of shoes and other necessary uniform article like shoulder insignia of SPO and cap/lanyard would be given to members of these auxiliary forces at the time of their engagement. Apart from this, they would be eligible for TA and DA at the rate of Rs 150 per day for their official tour. 

He said that casual leave would be granted to them as applicable to Constables in the Haryana Police. They would also be eligible for ex-gratia compensation at the rate of Rs 10 lakh in the event of death, from Rs one lakh to Rs three lakh for permanent disability and upto Rs one lakh in case of grave injury.

The spokesman said that no written test or physical measurement would be held while engaging volunteers as SPOs in the auxiliary force. However, the ex-servicemen should have minimum service of five years in the Army. Apart from this, the medical category at the time of discharge from service should be ‘A’ and character at the time of discharge from service should be exemplary or outstanding. Preference would be given to those candidates who were on active Armed duties in the Army over those like supply corps, medical corps, signal corps and engineering corps.

He said that the selection would be made through interview by a Board consisting of the Deputy Commissioner of Police as Chairperson, one Assistant Commissioner of Police and one Inspector of the concerned Commissionerate to be nominated by the police headquarters. The candidate upon selection would be asked to sign an undertaking individually as per the prescribed proforma. Adequate representation would be given to the members of the Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes as per the policy of the state government. 

He said that the SPOs can be deployed anywhere in the state during emergent situations for short duration. These SPOs after their selection would undergo a 15 days capsule course to reorient them to the needs of the Police Department. They would be used for guard duties, patrolling, traffic, law and order and other related police duties. Any vacancy arising after the initial selection during the course of the month may be filled in by the concerned Deputy Superintendent of Police by following the same procedure by the 15th of next month.

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