March 02, 2018 04:04 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of Special Cell, Southern Range led by Inspr. Shiv Kumar, under thesupervision of Attar Singh, ACP has busted an interstate gun running racket byarresting a notorious arms supplier namely Vinod Kumar aged 40 years r/oShikohabad, Distt. Firozabad, UP. Nineteen (19) sophisticated pistols, 5 semi-assembledpistols with 20 live cartridges have been recovered from his possession at thetime of his arrest near Sidhartha Enclave, Ashram Chowk, Delhi on 28.02.18.

In pursuit of constant drive launched by Special Cell against illegal arms suppliersin Delhi from different parts of the country including Khargone, Burhanpur (MP) and Munger (Bihar), concerted efforts were keptcontinued. Special Cell had succeeded in busting several similar interstate armsyndicates in the past. Special Cell has recovered more than 500 sophisticatedillegal arms during last one year by arresting a number of notorious armssuppliers from MP, UP and Bihar. Members of these syndicates were indulging insupplying arms and ammunition in Delhi.

Mr. P.S. Kushwah, DCP, Special Cell, said,   sleuths of Special Cell, Southern Range were havinginformation about illegal activities of arms syndicate led by Vinod ofShikohabad, UP. Manual surveillance was mounted to develop information aboutVinod and members of this syndicate. Teams were sent to Burhanpur, Sagar and Khargone (MP) to track the movements of members of this syndicate. Secretsources were deployed to gather more useful information in this regard.

Accused supplied more than 500 pistols to various criminals of  different States. Accused further revealed that  he purchased a pistol for Rs. 10,000/- fromsuppliers of MP. He used to further sell these pistols to various persons including criminals for a amount ranging from Rs. 20,000/- to 25,000/- per pistol.

After painstaking efforts of more than two months, aspecific information was received on 28.02.18 by Inspr. Shiv Kumar that VinodKumar who used to procure illegal arms from Burhanpur, MP and further supply toDelhi, Haryana and UP has received a big consignment of pistols. He was on hisway to Delhi to deliver this consignment of weapons to criminals in Delhi and Western UP. Informer further told that Vinod has fixed rendezvous in front of SidharhtaEnclave, near Ashram Chowk, Delhi between 3 PM to 4 PM.

Accordingly, a team led by Inspr. Shiv Kumar laid a trap atSidhartha Enclave, near Ashram Chowk, Delhi. At about 3:25 PM, a suspiciousperson was spotted coming from Ashram Chowk side and he waited for someone about10 minutes. Thereafter, when he was about to move, police team swooped in andarrested him and 24 sophisticated illegal pistols were recovered. A caseunder appropriate sections of law has been registered at PS Special Cell, Delhi.

Vinod Kumar was subjected to sustained interrogationwherein he disclosed that he used to receive supply of pistols from a person whois resident of Burhanpur, MP. Vinod further told that said person was engagedin manufacturing of illegal weapons in Burhanpur, MP and further supplying inDelhi and adjoining states. Vinod further disclosed that he came in contactwith said arms manufacturer through a person who is resident of Shikohabad, UP,and also a notorious name in the field of illegal arms. Vinod joined him in theillegal trade of supplying arms from Madhya Pradesh to Delhi, UP and Haryana about15 years ago. Since then, Vinod has been indulging in arms smuggling.

He had supplied more than 500 pistols to various criminals of above States. Vinod Kumar further revealed that he purchased a pistol for Rs. 10,000/- fromsuppliers of MP. He used to further sell these pistols to various persons including criminals for a amount ranging from Rs. 20,000/- to 25,000/- perpistol.

Vinod further disclosed that he also used to procure parts of pistol from arms manufacturers of Burhanpur, MP. He further disclosedthat he used to assemble these parts to make complete pistol. It enabled him toearn more money. Vinod also disclosed that he used to supply live cartridges toarms manufacturers of MP and receive pistols from them in lieu. He has also disclosed that he used to get supply of these live cartridges from a person of Shikohabad, UP. During investigation, it has also been revealed that Vinod ispreviously been arrested in criminal cases including that of arms act. In theyear 2008, he was arrested by PS Shikohabad, UP in a case of arms smuggling. 

Vinod Kumar hails from a poor economic background. After his schooling, he worked in a shop of local goldsmith. Unable to make sufficient earnings, he joined the armstrade. His previous criminal involvement, is being verified. Further investigation is in progress.

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