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Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Mr. Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Tuesday, said I accept the challenge of Minister Channi with all humility for oath at Darbar Sahib on the issue of illegal mining, on the condition that he convinces Capt. Amarinder Singh to come along and clarify why he took a false oath under “Gutka Sahib” promising to eradicate drugs within 4 weeks of assuming power.

Channi in aggressive mood
 Meanwhile Technical Education Minister. Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi, said  again Sukhpal Singh Khaira, backtracked from his allegations on illegal mining and cooked up another theory, which proves to be a sign of his mental sickness. In a press release, Punjab Cabinet Minister and Senior Congress leader Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi has said that he is ready to participate in the aardass at Sri Darbar sahib in the mining issue and Khaira should also come forward for this without any conditions.

khaira continue allegations
 In the manbtime Khaira, ini a hard hitting statement released here today, LoP Khaira said he humbly accepts the challenge of Minister Charanjit Channi to accompany him to Darbar Sahib for oath on his allegations of illegal mining, provided his mentor and Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh too comes along for a similar oath. LoP reminded Channi that his leader Capt. Amarinder Singh had held a Gutka Sahib close to his head in a public rally at Bathinda facing Takhat Damdama Sahib, promising to eradicate drugs within four weeks of assuming power. Khaira said he was doubtful that if his leader Capt. Amarinder Singh could testify in the court of god on false oath holding a Gutka Sahib, what is the guarantee that Minister Channi would not repeat a similar gimmick?

Khaira said it is an open secret that drugs are rampantly and abundantly available in every nook and corner of Punjab, even after one year of Congress coming to power. Khaira reminded Channi that his party colleague and MLA Surjit Singh Dhiman is on record at a function in Sunam recently stating, that drugs are easily available in Punjab and that our government has failed to implement its poll promise.

Khaira said that a national newspaper in its full page story dated 12th March 2018 just yesterday, exposed the failure of Capt. Amarinder Singh on drugs by producing a detailed case study of 16 families admitting to death of their children due to drugs. 

LoP Khaira lambasted Channi for trying to deflect public attention from the serious charges of illegal mining leveled against his family members. Khaira said if Channi was so truthful why is he afraid of facing an inquiry by the Vigilance Bureau or a commission headed by a judge? Why such sleazy issues of corruption should be taken to a pious place like Darbar Sahib?

Khaira said in fact the Chief Minister should get a VB probe conducted into all the six mining sites that he tweeted about from his helicopter. Khaira said he demanded this as the Mandala mine owned by one Sunil Joshi has benami investment again by Rana Gurjeet Singh and Capt. Jagbir Randhawa, therefore it is mandatory for the government to probe all six mines to find benami investments by more Congress leaders.

Khaira reminded Channi that his erstwhile Ministerial colleague Rana Gurjeet Singh too had denied any links with the infamous mining scandal but had to put in his papers, after substantial material emerged from the findings of even a bogus investigation carried out by tainted Justice Narnag.

Khaira reiterated that he stood by his allegations and challenged Channi to face legal proceedings, rather than diverting attention from the main issue of illegal mining. 

Khaira's daily backtracking from his statements, sign of his mental sickness: Channi

Mr. Channi said that Khaira himself knows that there is no truth in his allegations therefore due to this fear he is trying to divert the issue by putting conditions for ardass. He also said that let Khaira decide date and time for Ardass, I alongwith my family would swear at Sri Darbar Sahib that he has not invested even a single money in the legal or illegal mining activities.

Mr. Channi briefing about the issue said that few days back Khaira alleged that I am involved in illegal mining then he backtracked from this statement and said that my relatives are involved in illegal mining then again he backtracked from this statement and cooked up another story that known of my relative is involved in legal mining. But Khaira failed to prove any irregularities.

Mr. Channi said that now Khaira has run away from participating in the ardass by putting a condition that he would particiate in the ardass only if Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh participates in the ardass on the drugs issue. Mr. Channi said that the issue was of mining, he leveled allegations on me and I alongwith my family are ready to swear at Sri Darbar Sahib, if Khaira's allegations are true then what is the fear that he is running away from participating in the ardass by putting conditions. He said that this clearly proves that Khaira's allegations are false and now to save his skin he is trying to divert the issue by putting such conditions.

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