March 28, 2018 09:18 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The purpose of both lyricist and composer is always to do something different. Both always try to do something new that can be remembered for the long time along with the likes of the audience. We want to leave such an impression on the hearts of listeners as a band. It is to do - the distance- the band's writers, singers and musicians Baba and Omkar Singh's.

These two promising young people who wish to do something new, have arrived in Chandigarh to promote their song- Liberguni. Baba, who played the role of a songwriter in the song band during the conversation on this occasion, said that in our song, besides Hindi and Punjabi music is also somewhat different. This song has been very successful in attracting and entertaining peers and due to this song, we are also receiving show offers in many places in the country.

Onkar Singh said that both of them are living in Delhi and have been associated with this area for a long time. He told that he is very impressed with the band-Draft Punk of USA, and after listening to his biography and music he made the band and decided to be successful as a band. He said that we will soon bring new songs which will give rise to different languages and different trends.

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