April 01, 2018 03:25 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

In continuation of special drive against consuming liquor at public place which is being carried out by Chandigarh Police regularly in different parts of the city, in this regard on 31 March 2018, under this drive total 45 cases U/S 68-1(B) Punjab Police Act 2007 & 510 IPC were registered in different police stations in the jurisdiction of Chandigarh in which 46 persons were arrested for consuming liquor at public places. All accused later bailed out. The detail of police Stations in which cases U/S 68-1 (B) Punjab Police Act 2007 & 510 got registered are:- PS-11 = 03 cases, PS-Sarangpur = 3 cases, PS-17 = 1 case, PS-19 = 3 cases, PS-26 = 6 cases, PS-IA = 5 cases, PS-MM = 2 cases, PS-IT Park = 02 cases, PS-MJ = 2 cases, PS-31 = 7 cases, PS-39 = 4 cases, PS-49= 2 cases and PS-Maloya = 5 cases.

Chandigarh Police is strict against every person found breaking the provisions of this law and for abiding the provisions of this law. This drive of Chandigarh Police restrains the drunken driving & road rage as well as petty crime in the city. Moreover it is also discouraging social crime such as hooliganism, brawl, spontaneous quarrel which sometimes leads to serious offences also.

It is pertinent to mention here that this drive was initiated with the special concern of safety & security of the female from eve-teasing, chasing/stalking etc. 

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