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Had the Government been eager to address the problematic matters of SC’s, this issue could’ve been averted- Kainth, ‘Bharat Bandh’ was a remonstration of the aching sentiments of the Scheduled Castes Community – NSCA 


Chandigarh (Face2News)

National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a socio-political organization active in Punjab filed for being a party/respondent, impleadment application in the review petition filed by the Government of India in the recent controversial judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Application for impleadment was filed in the Review petition which was filed by Union of India/ Review Petitioner seeking review of the judgment dated 20.3.2018 passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in Criminal Appeal no 416/2018. 

Paramjit Singh Kainth
Paramjit Singh Kainth, president of the Alliance said “NSCA has sought to be impleaded in the Review Petition in front of the Supreme Court. This is a judgement that directly affects every individual belonging to the Scheduled Castes community and as a representative of the community, it’s the duty of our organization to stand up and fight for the rights of those who have been and are being ignored by the Political and Judicial system of the country.” 

Innocents cannot be terrorized by the provisions of the SC/ST Act and their fundamental rights need to be protected, was the message put forward by the Supreme Court through its judgement on March 20th following which, a 'Bharat bandh' call given by several SC/ST organizations protesting the top court's order on 2nd April earlier this month. 

“National Scheduled Castes Alliance was in full support of the ‘Bharat bandh’ and we conveyed a message quite clearly that it should be a peaceful and non-violent protest. There were numerous reasons for the outpour of emotions like we witnessed on the day of the bandh and much of the issues could’ve been addressed effectively and efficiently by the Government if they were eager enough to act on time. It was a remonstration of dissent within the Scheduled Castes community relating to the recent counts of atrocities and discrimination met out to them. ” said Kainth. 

Kainth said, “The lax attitude of the Government in addressing the issues hindering the socio-economic development of the Scheduled Castes community has been the reason why the emotions were heavily demonstrated in the recent events. Had the Government been more cautious and affectionate to the cause, the condition would have been very different to the tense and distraught setting in the nation.” 

NSCA will be represented in the review petition as Shri. Paramjit Singh Kainth & Ors. Once the application is granted by the Court. It is so far the only organization representing the Scheduled Castes community to have impleaded to the court for being involved in the case.

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